how hover crafts work

how to build it

1-inch bolt and nut, Plastic can lid, Skill saw, Electric drill, Staple gun, Contact cement, Small section of PVC piping, Large piece of plastic, Large piece of plywood, and leaf blower or a vacuum cleaner that can blow.

if the process is done correct the hovercraft will rise a couple inches to a couple feet

parents permission!!!!!!!!
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how it works

The Plenum chamber is the air cushion under the hovercraft, formed by the platform and the skirt. Propellers are attached to the back to propel it forward. The rudders are attached to the propeller to steer the vehicle Steering a hovercraft can feel slippery the faster you go the harder it is to maintain the air cushion. In army operations green smoke is used to signal where the craft needs to go.
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better then boats

they are preferred over boats because they can go on land. they are great for going any where you can go from water to ice to rapids to asphalt with ease. they are sometimes use by golf courses because they do not touch the ground. they have races and tournaments for kids
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