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What are these things we call fractions?

Fractions are just one of three ways to write numbers that are less than 1.

What does it mean to convert fractions?

Conversion is when you change one thing to another such as turning a fraction into a decimal. Down below you can see the rules for conversion.

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What are mixed numbers, proper, improper, and simplified fractions?

A mixed number is a whole number mixed with a fraction (Ex: 4 1/2).
A proper fraction is when a fraction is written correctly (numerator over denominator).
A improper fraction is when a fraction written incorrectly (bigger number over smaller number). You can make an improper fraction by taking a mixed number and multiplying the denominator and the whole number then add the numerator to the product. You can change it back to a mixed number by dividing the numerator by the denominator.
A simplified fraction is when a fraction that has a numerator and a denominator that can not be divided evenly. You simplify fractions by dividing both the numerator by the denominator by the greatest common factor.

What are equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are equal. You can figure out if two fractions are equal by simplifying them. If both fractions are the same they are equivalent.

How can you add and subtract fractions?

First if the fractions are mixed numbers turn them into improper fractions. Then you find the the least common denominator. To find the least common denominator you change the denominator on both fractions to be the same and then multiply the the numerator by the amount used to make both denominators the same. Then you add or subtract the the numerator depending on weather the problem is an addition or subtraction problem. Then you simplify your answer to get your answer (Example to the right).

How can you multiply fractions?

Again if the fractions are mixed numbers you change them into improper fractions. Then you multiply straight across. Then once you get you answer you find the greatest common factor (GCF), in other words you simplify.

How can you divide fractions?

Dividing fractions is pretty much the same thing as multiplying fractions, only first you keep, flip, change (KFC). You KEEP the first fraction the same. Then you FLIP the numerator and the denominator. Lastly you CHANGE the problem from a division to a multiplication. Now that the problem is multiplication problem you just fallow the steps of multiplying fractions.

Thank you for looking over this Infographic, I hope it helped you as much as it helped me.