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The Leopard- October 1st

Are you ready to TACKLE the CHALLENGE?

3 Focuses for High Reliability
SCIS Week 5

Culture Quote Connection:

"Learning for All is simple, just not easy. Find out what kids know, what they do not know, and intervene where appropriate.

Our focus on formative assessment is the foundation to the mastery learning process.

Master teachers teach a little, assess what kids know, teach a little more, assess what kids know, and so on.

Bringing this data back to your team and doing something meaningful about it based on this data is the goal of formative assessment.

Bright Spots

Congrats to the following Leopard Leaders!

Nina Hopkins: Communication Bright Spot for taking on a leadership role along with the communication committee who are trying to help with problem solving by facilitating communication between all staff and administration. Use their anonymous digital drop box to share positives or areas that need growth. It’s easy…check it out.

Angie Rexford: Flexibilty Bright Spot for taking her fish bowl room (glass windows) and making it into a comfy cozy learning zone! Who knew curtains could have such a fabulous impact…

Kelsey Addis: Technology Integration Bright Spot for creating Ed Puzzles to scaffold student learning building schemas/making inferences, determining important story information, and plot summary. Talk about being a team asset! Along with your team…we salute you!

Jan Jungmann, Bri Groth,Will Davis, Matt Franks: Tackle the Challenge Bright Spot for putting together the ULTIMATE challenge! Our Amazing Race game! What a great fun and interactive way to kick off the new school year!

Angie Caraway and Courtney Mann: Tackle the Challenge Bright Spot for a stupendous STUCO start! We LOVED the posters and the enthusiasm…

Jamie Burrus: Grow Each Child Bright Spot because no matter what the challenges in your room are you are working to create a learning experience that grows each child!

Morgan Bergman and Tammy Cooper: Formative Assessment Bright Spot to Morgan for Co-creating learning on proportionality and weekly reflections. Tammy for co-creating personal narrative rubrics and classroom rules. Great job giving kids ownership of their learning!

If you know a staff member who should be considered for a Bright Spot in Technology Integration, Flexibility, Student Engagement, Tackling the Challenge or Cognitive Demand, Communication, Formative Assessment, or Grow Each Child send Ms. Peschke their name, the category, and why you are nominating them.

Half Day Schedule

In getting input from all staff, it is clear that 73.3% of us want to see all 9 classes next friday. Here is the schedule.
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Nuts and Bolts


  1. PD Folders- Goal Setting folders will be distributed this week. Please take a moment to look at the goal setting page. Please set a time to turn in your goals by Friday, October 9th. You can hand write them (black notebooks in your mailbox) or use a digital copy and send them to us. Click here to have a digital copy. (Create a copy please)
  2. PTA Membership- 100% by October 15th
  3. Daily posted learning Targets- “I Can…" Bookends of the learning cycle
  4. All tests must be on master calendar PTA helping to read tests for students
  5. Book Club Thinking- Due Oct. 14th
  6. Are you posting your test dates on our calendar?
SCIS Academic Calendar

Click here to check to see when summative assessments are being planned. Please only 1 summative assessment per grade level per day. All summative assessments should be on this calendar and your personal google calendar on your website please

Fall Book Club

Meet with your team, create your own thinking, share with the staff here by October 14th

Lesson Planning

Share your team created lesson plans here each Friday

Digital Suggestion Box

Click here to give us anonymous feedback on areas that we can improve in and places that we are already meeting your expectations.

Sub Coverage

See current totals for who is covering classes