BHS T&L Update

Volume 1, Issue 8

October 10-14

Upcoming Events

October 18 and 20 Parent Teacher Conferences

  • 3:30-6:45

October 19 PSAT for Students Grades 9-11

  • 1st and 2nd Blocks +

October 20 College Application Day

  • Wear Your School Colors

October 21 Conference Exchange Day

  • No School

October 24 Financial Aid Workshop

Technology Around Broome

Link to Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these commands to save time.

Tech Tip of the Week: Promethean Planet Lessons now in ClassFlow Marketplace

ActivInspire and PowerPoint Users!

It is now possible to convert your old flip charts and presentations into new interactive ClassFlow lessons. The video and a link to a ClassFlow YouTube playlist provides more information.

ClassFlow Help - Converting Content
Promethean Planet to ClassFlow Conversion on YouTube

Click here for additional helpful videos and let me know how I can help.

Tech Tool of the Week: Microsoft Forms

The Office 365 app, Forms, can be found on your homepage or in the honeycomb shortcut menu when using any Office 365 application online. Forms are simple to create and easy to use in your classroom.

Students log into office 365 then access the form through a link that you have shared with them to enter their responses. Forms takes student responses and organizes the data into charts and graphs that are very easy to use for RTI.

Forms can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom:

  • Quizzes
  • Student self and group evaluations
  • Tracking weekly progress
  • Entrance and Exit Slips
Introducing Microsoft Forms for education

Technology Update: PowerTeacher Pro

The grades you are entering are now part of second nine weeks and can be found on the Q2 scoresheet.

Change Scoresheet View to Quarter 2

  1. Log in to PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook
  2. Select Grading then Scoresheet
  3. Select the down arrow in the far right corner and select Q2

Big image

See Only Second Quarter Courses in the Class Selector

  1. Click the down arrow beside the class selector
  2. Click the down arrow beside 2016-2017
  3. Click Quarter 2
  4. Click on a Class

You will have to repeat these steps each time you log in.

Big image

Technology Spotlight: Mr. Cox

Even Broome administrators are embracing technology to streamline procedures and improve communication. Mr. Cox has implemented a number of technology tools this nine weeks.

  • Teachers are signing into faculty meetings using Google or Microsoft Forms
  • Important documents are being saved to a shared folder on OneDrive
  • ARC referrals are now done through online forms and the data is being collected for RTI.