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Hoboken, NJ- March 24, 2023

Dear Wallace School Parents and Guardians,

The weather this week has been a stark difference from last week. We kicked off last week with rain and wind, while this week reminded us that spring is right around the corner. The only thing shining brighter than today's sunshine is the work we are seeing in the halls of Wallace School. Enjoy another glimpse into 1100 Willow Ave.


This week our Wildcats finally welcomed spring and some warmer temperatures to play outside.

In ELA, students mastered the sight words “of” and “they.” The letters of the week were “G” and “W.” Students practiced isolating and identifying these letter sounds during literacy centers. The essential question of the week, building on last week, was “How do you take care of different kinds of pets?” The big book was a realistic fiction text titled “The Birthday Pet.” The reading comprehension strategies that were emphasized after a close read and reread of the text included events and confirming predictions. Our readers learned that events in a story often have a problem and solution. They identified the problem of the main character in “The Birthday Pet” and wrote about the solution. Students also continued to learn about facts and opinions where they got to share and write about their opinions of the spring season. The interactive read aloud of the week was titled “The Family Pet.” Students shared what both selections tell about how to take care of different kinds of pets.

In math, Kindergarteners counted and matched sets with one to one correspondence in pattern block grab. Students were also introduced to counting by 2s. They counted the number of eyes in their classrooms and created a chart with the drawings students made of their eyes. Our Kindergarteners played math games to reinforce the skill of skip counting. Math workshop games included counting jar, counting chairs and pattern blocks.

First Grade

In ELA this week, the first grade has been learning all about bugs! We read about them in both fiction and non-fiction books. We wrote about our favorite insect and compared different insects by labeling their body parts. We have also been practicing reading words with long i.

In Math, we have been learning about problems with unknown change. We have been working to determine the missing number in a number sentence. We've practiced this by guessing how many pennies have been added or taken away from a jar.

Second Grade

The second graders worked hard and had fun this week on many exciting learning activities!

In English Language Arts, the second graders answered the essential question, “What excites you about nature?” They read poetry focused on nature. These little poets learned about elements of poetry, such as figurative language, specifically similes, and descriptive imagery, focusing on the 5 senses. They also continued to work on expanding their vocabulary, improving their fluency and comprehension, and writing poetry in literacy centers.

Our second grade mathematicians have been learning about collecting data and representing that data on a graph. They have been learning to analyze bar graphs, picture graphs, and line plots. They are continuing to work on solving word problems and going the extra step to explain their path to the solution with words.

We are continuing to celebrate Women’s History Month. The students have been learning about many important women in history and their contributions through many engaging activities.

This week in Science students are continuing their coding unit by expanding their knowledge of triggering blocks on Scratch Jr. They are working in pair programming groups to program “Liam’s Game” which was from our introduction story where a chicken has to reach a barn to win the game. They are modifying this game and engaging in peer review to provide helpful feedback to one another.

What a great week of learning for our 2nd graders!!

Third Grade

Third graders have been working very hard in ELA. Students have finished reading The Underground Railroad. They have analyzed what life was like for slaves, made predictions for how Abby’s story will end, and created a timeline of important events during this time in history. They are excited to start the next core novel, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. This week, students also worked on their expository writing pieces. Students have chosen a topic of their choice to inform their peers about. Students used a graphic organizer and did some research in order to produce a final writing piece.

During Math, students continued to work on their division fluency through minute math. They have worked on completing unit 4. This week, students also worked on various math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, shapes, area, perimeter, etc. ) through centers and fun projects.

In Social Studies, students worked on a Women’s History Month research project. Every student picked a woman of their choice who they wanted to learn more about (Alex Morgan, Queen Elizabeth, Jane Goodall, etc.). They then conducted research to complete a graphic organizer and write a paper about the woman they selected. Students enjoyed learning about these influential women!

Fourth Grade


Our 4th grade readers are wrapping Unit 4 in the Wonders series and the novel, “Jim and Me”, by Dan Gutman. Jim and Me is a story about a boy named Joey. Joey Stoshack, a 14-year-old baseball player, has a special gift. His vintage baseball cards allow Joey to travel through time. He has personally met several of baseball’s greatest players. Bobby Fuller, a school bully, discovers Joey’s talent and wants to go back in time to meet his great great grandfather, Jim Thorpe. Travel by time warp is dangerous, one glitch can trap time travelers and prevent their safe return.

During ELA, our 4th grade readers reviewed skills previously learned during Unit 4. Students focused on narrative poetry and creating their own narrative poems. Students read “The Climb” and had to determine the theme & rhyme scheme throughout the poem. In writing, students have been working on a practice RST by using details from the video and articles. Students and teachers worked together to write a sample RST by using a prompt from the novel, “ Jim and Me.”


Our 4th grade mathematicians began Unit 6: Fraction Cards & Decimal Grids. Students had to interpret the meaning of the numerator and denominator of a fraction. Students had to find fractional parts of a rectangle, identify equivalent fractions, and explain why they are equivalent. Students used rainbow fraction tiles as a guide to visually represent equivalent fractions.

Social Studies:

Our 4th grade historians began Unit 6: How did the United States Struggle to Stay Together? During this unit, students will learn more about the struggles that the United States faced before, during, and after the Civil War. These include ways our nation dealt with slavery’s expansion, states’ rights, emancipation, and the rebuilding of the South.

This week students studied slavery through Oral Histories by cutting out each of the ten excerpts and writing the names of the correct person after each question.

Fifth Grade

The 5th Grade Wallace Wildcats in Math currently are engaged in understanding the meaning of decimals and representing decimals by adding and subtracting decimals by using a tenths and hundredths grid.

In Language Arts, the 5th Graders are identifying details and synthesizing information about the Peace Corps by reading and referencing two articles and watching a video to write an RST essay about the ways in which the sources have similar points of view about the greater purpose of the Peace Corps. This week we also started to read and understand poetry by identifying poetic elements like imagery.

In Social Studies, our historians are currently learning and understanding the Gear, and Technology used during the Civil War by analyzing primary sources and closely reading secondary text. They were also learning what life was like for soldiers during the Civil War by analyzing primary sources and data.

Wallace's Music Department

In music this week, students voted in the semifinal round of Quaver’s March Music Madness contest. With only 4 songs left, the students are excited to see who will move on to the next round. They further explored the theme of tempo by drawing animals which indicate each tempo/speed marking in the Quaver contest. (Adagio, Moderato, Allegro, and Presto) They researched fast and slow moving animals to help them with this task. Then, we listened to music at each tempo to picture their animals in motion.

In band, students are beginning to prepare for spring music events. 4th graders are working on Lightly Row as their 1st concert song. 5th graders are doing a new rendition of Aura Lee. Both grades will combine to play “Hard Rock Blues” in an upbeat arrangement with a percussion section. The focus this week is sight-reading music and solidifying note names. To plan ahead, our spring concert is on June 9th at 7PM in the HS Auditorium.

Ms. McGeehin's Art Class

First graders are making magic out of simple materials this week! Using coffee filters, markers, and water, we are transforming ordinary supplies into extraordinary butterfly and bouquet sculptures!

Individualized Learning Pathway - Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Individualized Learning Pathway - Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

On Mondays - Wednesdays during the Individualized Learning Pathway (ILP) period, students who have qualified to participate in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) programming engage in a wide array of math course offerings that address their specific strengths and interests. Johns Hopkins CTY believes in researching and advancing ways to identify and nurture academically talented learners. CTY furthers research, guides educators and families and inspires students from diverse communities and backgrounds to pursue their intellectual passions and create the world of tomorrow. This week, we would like to highlight one of the CTY courses offered to our Hoboken students this winter:

Johns Hopkins CTY Accelerated Grade 3 Mathematics

Our students are taking CTY Honors Grade 3 Mathematics to a higher level with this accelerated online course! They begin the course by reviewing foundational grade 2 lessons and then gain early exposure to grade 4 concepts through enrichment topics. Each chapter of this CTY course is paired with videos, interactive web pages, and projects to develop the students’ reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills for investigating and exploring grade 3 math skills.

Hudson County Coloring Contest

Wallace Wildcats in grades one through five were given the opportunity to participate in the Hudson County Historical Coloring Contest over the last two weeks.

Students colored pictures that represent landmarks throughout the county. Landmarks included Red Bull Arena (Harrison), The Old Schuyler Mansion (Kearny), William Brennan Courthouse (Jersey City), Weehawken Water Tower, and from Hoboken - the Lackawanna Railroad Terminal.

Since May is Hudson County's History and Heritage Month, the winner will be announced then and featured all month long. Not only are prizes awarded for the winners, but the Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs & Tourism Development plans to take some of the entries to create a calendar for 2024!

We certainly hope to see some "Wildcat Work" featured!

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Wildcat Theatre

This week we are so excited to be using the skills we have worked on during the marking period and applying them on stage. This includes choreography, blocking and even the use of props! We are so excited for our show next week on March 30th and hope to see you there!
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The Counselor’s Corner

During the month of March, Wallace School has been focusing on the character trait, empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand how someone is feeling and providing care or concern. To do this one must understand other people by using the imagination to feel something like what they are feeling, such as pain, sorrow, and other emotions.

Taking Standardized Tests can be difficult for some students to tackle. Below are some test-taking strategies that your child can use in future tests.

Ways to Help a Child Overcome Test Anxiety

  • Ask questions about how they feel

  • Go over test-taking basics

  • Practice relaxation strategies

  • Encourage positive self-talk

  • Have breaks in between study sessions

  • Talk to the teacher

  • Provide encouragement

The Hoboken Library is going to be visiting again next month!

As a reminder, students will be required to return the books in April when the Hoboken Library returns or to any Hoboken Library branch. If you still need a library card please fill out this Google Form:

The dates for the next Pop-Up are as follows:

  • April 17, 19, 20

  • May 15, 17, 19

  • June 5, 7, 9

There is a Google Form to fill out if anyone needs a Library Card. Please follow this link to do so:

** As a reminder, if you checked out a book last time at the Pop-Up Library please make sure to return it so you can check out a new book during the next Pop-Up visit**

As always, please feel free to click Here and log in to MOVE THIS WORLD and explore all of its resources and lessons at home with our Wallace Family account.


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Please be sure to enjoy a well-deserved weekend. We’ll be sure to pick right back up on Monday where we left off today – as a vibrant, diverse learning community where awesome things happen every day. Until next time… Martin Shannon, Principal

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