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May 15, 2015


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Upcoming Events

May 15 - VAMS Cheer Tryouts and Boys Night Out at the HS from 6:00-7:30

May 18-20- Quarterly Exams- Mon- 5-7 ELA; Tues- Math & SS; Wed- Reading and Science

May 18- Choir Spring Concert @ 7:00 @ VAMS Cafeteria

May 19- 4th grade tour and 4th grade parent meeting that night at 6:30

May 21- 8th grade Cowboys Stadium trip

May 22- EOY student awards due, conference meetings (tentative), Stu-Co at Six Flags, and STAR recess

May 26- Grades due at 8:00 am

May 27- Retirement party for Coach Kumler & Cindy

May 28- 7/8 STAR student trip to Amazing Jake's

May 29- 5/6 STAR student trip to Amazing Jake's

May 30- Theater performance- High School Musical

June 2 - 8th Grade Dance

Staffing Updates

  • We have a new 7th grade science teacher. Some of you may know her...her name is Cindy Hensley (yes that Cindy Hensley). We are in the process of setting up interviews for our 7th grade reading position. If you are interested in participating on that panel, please let me know.
  • We are interviewing for our counselor position next Thursday.
  • We are bringing a recommendation to the board on Monday night for our 7th grade writing position.
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Shout-out to Coach Brogdon and Coach Kumler for the fantastic fish fry! Thank you to the team who put that together. It was wonderful! If you didn't try Mrs. Rodriguez's Tres Leches Cake, then you missed out!

Shout-out to Coach Murray and all of the other teachers who are rolling out their PBL! To help keep up with his groups, Coach Murray created a Google Form for each group to fill out. In an instant, he had an organized list of group members names, topics of choice, and presentation platform. This was a easy way to keep up with all of the groups! (See the picture below.) In addition to the Google Form, Coach Murray also shared the rubric digitally with his students and created a Google Slide template for his students to follow if they needed it. We are seeing some great things in your classrooms and we appreciate all of your hard work and willingness to learn and try something new. Things may not always go as planned, but the best part is the students are learning and enjoying their learning experience!
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Additional Shout-Outs

Shout out to Mrs. Sevarino for volunteering her time to host a movie night Thursday night for parents to be able to come and see their child's book trailers. An additional shout-out to the coaches who participated in our game against the students on Wednesday. Thank you for volunteering your time for our students and for the Education Foundation. We raised $700 for the education foundation. Unfortunately we got 2nd place (which sounds pretty good, unless you know there were only 2 teams).
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Staff Challenge/ Professional Development- Twitter Starter Kit

Follow one educational Twitter chat of your choosing (you don't have to follow it live, you can just search for the hashtag they used and see what all was posted- here are some to check out:, or find one thing on Twitter this week that you can implement in your classroom to help your students.

Ideas for who to follow: @dockmoore, @rcolemanva, @vaesmith, @teach_johnson, @LisaDietz, @themrmcewin, @Miss_AshleyEDU, @TechMinoch, @DaisyDyerDuerr, @ToddWhitaker, @BIEpbl, @E_Sheninger, @PaulSolarz, @burgessdave, @edutopia, @gustafsonbrad, @terrieichholz, @bergseyeview, and/or search #VAMSteach to see what great things some of our staff members have found.

Teacher/Staff Door Certificates

When we visited Whitewright, we noticed that every teacher had a certificate outside his/her door that listed the college/university they attended, the name of their degree, and their certification. We thought this would be a neat addition to our campus to increase college awareness among the students. Below is an example of what the certificate will look like. Please click the button below to fill out your college information. If you are currently attending college or attended some college, just add that information.
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