My True Colors

Jacob Hugo, 3rd hour


I had a Good time fitting in academic routine. I learn by doing and by listening/reading. I am motivated by myself to get stuff done.


I like relationships with shared interests and activities.I like to find ways to energize the relationship. In a relationship, I need to be bold and thrive on physical contact. I enjoy giving gifts that bring pleasure to special people in my life.


I am bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured. I am satisfied in careers that give me independence and freedom, while using my physical coordination. I am a natural performer.

Leadership Style

Expects quick action. Performance oriented. Flexible approach. Welcomes change. Expects people to “make it fun”.

Signs of a bad day

Rudeness and defiance. Annoyance,Grumpiness. Not wanting to do anything. aggressiveness
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3 characteristics that fit me are that on a bad day I can be rude and defiant. Another characteristic that fits me is that I take a flexible approach.Also another thing fits me is that I seek relationships that have shared interests and activities. 3 things that don't fit me are that I use stimulants on a bad day, as a kid I had the most difficult time fitting into academic routine, running away and dropping out on a bad day. A job that fits my personality type is possibly an auto-technician or maybe a vet. My color could affect work in a good way because I would have freedom and independence and also I view any tool as an extension of myself. 2 ways my color cold affect work in a negative way is I might get bored and restless, also I would probably get annoyed easily.