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Class Newsletter Oct. 12, 2015

...but first, this news.

Please note the change in the class website

With efficiency in mind, I've decided to change the way I provide class documents on my website. In an effort to make files easier to find, I am using a "file cabinet" page found in the tool bar on the left side of of the website. This will eliminate having to search through the calendar agendas for attachments.

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - Albert Einstein

Want a paid internship? Urban Roots is looking for Youth Interns!

The local organization, Urban Roots, is currently recruiting young people for their Spring and Summer Farm Internship Program. Each Spring, they hire 24 interns to participate in a paid internship on their 3.5 acre sustainable farm in East Austin. Through the program, interns learn valuable life and job skills, including: public speaking, self-discipline and teamwork. Interns make friends, develop pride in their abilities, and learn more about sustainable agriculture. I have had several students over the years work for Urban Roots and have really positive experiences. I intend to have one of their spokesmen come to our campus in the next week or two to answer any questions, but for now check out their website and application process here.

Upcoming Deadlines

2nd 6 Weeks Map Quiz on Thursday, October 15(ADay) and Friday, October 16(BDay) This quiz covers a random selection of 40 or so features from the political features section of the Essential Geographic Locations list. In other words, students should refer to their original mapping list from the first week of school to guide their studying. I have this list and a blank outline map posted in the "Mapping Practice" folder in the file cabinet on my website. The format of the quiz is identical to the first map quiz, in which students will be provided a word bank and map with certain countries identified by a number. Students will record what country is being identified by that number on a separate answer sheet.

Atmosphere and Biosphere BIG Quiz on Mon, Oct. 19(Aday) and Tues, Oct 20(Bday)

We are set to conclude this mini-unit this week. Since there isn't really enough content to constitute a full blown unit test, I will assess student knowledge with a "Big Quiz." This is the term I use to refer to a 3-weight quiz; it will be shorter than a unit test, but it is weighted more heavily than a normal quiz.

So, what is the homework for this week? STUDY FOR THESE QUIZZES!

Upcoming Cultural Events

Houses on the Moon presents De Novo

Friday, Oct. 16th, 7pm

1925 San Jacinto Boulevard

Austin, TX

This documentary play, crafted entirely from immigration court transcripts, interviews and letters tells the gripping true story of fourteen year old Edgar Chocoy and his legal struggle to be allowed to stay in the United States.

Medeterranean Festival

Friday, Oct. 16th, 6pm to Saturday, Oct. 17th, 11pm

408 East 11th Street

Austin, TX

Viva La Vida Festival

Saturday, Oct. 31st, 10am

419 Congress Avenue

Austin, TX

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