Historical Figures

By: Alexis Nicholson and Jenna Mowad

John Marshall (Jenna Mowad)

"One must be strong when it's required to be strong." -JM

John Marshall isn't only inspiring but is extremely important to the history of our judicial system.

Personal Background

John Marshall was born in September of 1755, near Germantown, Virginia. You'll never guess that he was born in a log cabin! His father was the great Thomas Marshall. who was well known as "Father of the U.S. Supreme Court". So its no surprise that John Marshall would follow un his Dad's footsteps by leaving yet another footprint in history. Him and his family were all known federalists, so that is what he stood for.

Impact on America

John Marshall's most tremendous impact in America was on our judicial system. He served the longest, and made great decisions while on the court. He is the reason our Judicial System has the power that it does because he made that clear.

What was he involved in?

John Marshall was involved in the famous XYZ affair. It's also fun to know that he served under John Adams at one point. Something you may not know is even though he did not take part , the French and Indian war took place during his lifetime. One well known event that he was involved in was Marbury v. Madison court case where he established judicial review.


John Marshall served as a big impact on our judicial system, and ultimately on our nation. He will live on as "Father of the U.S. Supreme Court." He was admirable and left his footprints on those who cherish our Judicial system. Some even say he saved the nation.

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Today in History: John Marshall became Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court (1801)

Video (Jenna Mowad)

The first three minutes , if you go further he is talking about modern day systems.

Roger B. Taney

Early Life

Roger B Taney was born on March 17, 1777 in Calvert County, Maryland. Son of a tobacco farmer Michael Taney and Monica Taney. Roger Taney, one of six children and the second son. Taney received a classical education from a private tutor and at age 15 entered Dickinson College pursuing a law degree, instead of perusing the tobacco business.

Important Roles in History

Roger B. Taney was apart of the Dred Scott decision, involving a slave whose owner died. Scott and his wife though they should be freed due to their owner dying. Taney was also apart of president Andrew Jacksons Cabinet,federalist party, state senator, and state attorney general. He served in Jacksons cabinet from 1816-1821. After being in Jacksons cabinet he went on to be state attorney, resigning in 1831. Taney took over the court shortly after John Marshall and held it together very well he " set the tone of the new Court." one says. Taney married his wife Anne Key on January 7, 1806. Annes brother wrote the star spangled banner. Their daughter Alice died in 1855 of yellow fever and son Augustus died at infancy in 1815.


Taney died October 12, 1864 at age 87 in Washington DC. Taney was survived by 5 daughters and his wife Anne Key. A statue of him was built and is in front of the Maryland State House in Annapolis.


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