By Tyler Brasseaux


A parable is short story of which the purpose is to illustrate some truth or moral principle

The Bible- The method of many of Jesus's teachings are by parables, then he explains the meaning behind them.

Difference between Parable and Fable

- A fable includes fantasy, giving human qualities to non- human things such as animals

- A parable is a realistic, yet not necessarily true story, which is without fantasy

A parable can be true or hypothetical

* They both serve the same purpose

The Prodigal Son

The son of a wealthy man chooses to take his inheritance early, and leaves his father, believing that he can survive on his own. He goes out into the world and spends his money till he has nothing. He ends up poor and starving all alone. But when he returns home his rather is waiting for him and greets him with love, and throws him a party and and feast.

What are some of the morals one can learn from this parable?

Can you think of other parables? (from The Bible or elsewhere)