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November, 11,1840

Indian Removal Act

Jackson ruins the Native American lives even more with the Idian Removal Act.

The act was passed by Congress on May 28, 1830, during the Andrew Jackson presidency. This law authorized the president to negotiate with southern Indian tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for their ancestral homelands.
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Indian Removal Act causes Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was an effect of the Indian Removal Act, which forced the Indians to give up their lands. They moved to present day Oklahoma. The road they were forced travel became known as the Trail of Tears.
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36 years since Hamilton's Death

On July 11,1804 in Weehawken, New Jersey Burr and Hamilton met to end their life time feud. Hamilton being a Federalist and Burr being a Republican the men often clashed in the political arena. This feud all started when Burr took the Senate seat from Hamilton's father in-law. He was hoping this other guy that we really don't care enough about to remember his name would win because he supported Hamilton's ideas; but instead Burr won and Hamilton was furious. Burr was charged with murder on two accounts and was pulled from and never again allowed to run for office.
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33 Years since the Embargo Acts

It's been 33 years since Jefferson passed the embargo act not that anyone cares. Just in case anyone forgot what the Embargo Acts were it was when Jefferson made it illegal to export goods from the U.S. In order to make Britian and France respect the U.S. This act was very stupid on Jefferson's part because all it did was hurt the economic state of the U.S. He thought it was smart to become nuetral by not trading with anyone but since they depended on other countries for certain things it was not successful.
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