Temporary Magnets

Kyler Wigenton Andrews 5th grade


How many strokes will it take for the iron nail to become magnetic?

Independent variable

How many strokes

Dependent variable

Number of paper clips picked up

Controlled variable

The magnet,iron nail,and small paper clips


For my hypothesis I think the iron nail would at least pick up 1 paper clip on the different strokes because I did a lot of strokes.


First I got out my materials I needed then I started to stroke the magnet across the iron nail and I did that 25 strokes was 1 paper clip. 50 strokes was 2 paper clips and 100 strokes was also 2 paper clips then I double checked to make sure I got the same thing and I did on 2 of them on the other one I got a different number. Then I checked again for the third time and got the same number on all of them so to take the strokes off the nail I just had to get another magnet and rub it back and forth all around the nail and all the magnetic feel will come off. Then do the second or third trial to try it again and that's all you have to do to make a temporary magnet.


  • Magnet
  • Small paper clips
  • Iron nail


And that's all you need to make a temporary magnet and how to make one its not really that hard.