Amazing Dogs

By:Callahan C. ,Mckenzie C. ,Brooke G.

Water Rescue Dogs

Water rescue dogs help people in danger around water.these Dogs help drowning people and citizens that are in boat accidents. The most common dog for this job is the Newfoundland . This giant dog is friendly and have a instinct do help people. Some traits of the dog are strong muscles and large webbed feet. This helps the dog move through the water easily. The dog also uses it rudder. A rudder is a flat movable object used for steering. The dogs tail acts like the dogs rudder. You can see there are many different trusts for the job and can perform the job well.

Wilderness Rescue Dogs

Wilderness dogs. I think you know where they work. Wilderness dogs help people in danger around the mountains or wilderness. Wilderness dogs sent out people lost or just in the woods. Many kinds of dogs can take on this challenging job. But the most common dogs for this job are the border collie,Labrador retriever, golden retriever,and the German Shepard. These dogs wear a bright red vest with a bell attached so there handlers can hear them. Wilderness dogs go through complex training so they can smell out people in trouble. Wilderness dogs are brave and smart and live there job.

Rescue dogs

Ground Zero Dogs

Hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Center. The fire department arrives with there partners. But these aren't any ordinary partners these are ground zero dogs. Ground zero dogs also know as fire and police dogs help smell out people if they are alive or not. These dogs are athletic as well as smart. They climb over piles of rumble, crawl in small places and run after criminals. The most common dogs for this job are Border Collie, German Shepard, Golden Retriever, and the Labrador Retriever. While these dogs perform there job they wear a blue vest with our country's flag.