Utility Room

How To Make Utilities More Eco-Friendly

Utilities are the main systems used through out a house such as electricity, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, garage.

Wind Power

  • Wind can be harnessed by turbines into electricity
  • most turbines are clustered together and are sited in suitable areas
  • houses would have to be located near sites like these but would not have to have extra attachments like a solar powered house would
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Wave Power

  • electricity can be generated from waves by many different types of machines built over the years
  • since 70% of earth is covered by water it would make sense to take advantage of it in a positive way that does not harm the environment
  • a house using this type of electricity would have to live near a coast.
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Geothermal Power

  • geothermal energy comes from hot rocks deep underground
  • natural steam is collected by cracks in the earth or water is pumped down and heated by the rocks to make steam
  • this means a house not only has green electricity but also green hot water
Energy 101: Geothermal Energy