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Welcome to a NEW School Year - October 2015

WELCOME to the Land of New

It's a new school year; we have a new STREAM building with a new two floor Learning Commons, and the library has a new website. I am your Librarian, Kathy Johnson (kjohnson@) and I will be dividing my time between the Vanderbilt 2nd Floor and the Learning Commons in the STREAM building. My mission is to SAVE you time and help you get your work done more efficiently! It's a fresh start so take advantage and get involved.
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Check out our new Library website

Our new website is mobile responsive, built with modern code (HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 3.2) and hosted on Amazon servers. Mobile responsive means you can also access this site on your phone or tablet.


As of 10/1/15 most of the single sign-on databases can be accessed (at school and at home) with the log in below. Single sign-on means that during any given searching session if you sign in to a particular SSO database, the next one you access should open automatically.

ID: middle

Password: timecat

Greg Relaford and I are hard at work to provide you with this efficient log-in leaving behind forever a spaghetti list of ids and passwords. The database page contains a temporary password document which you can access with the password "timecat". I'll leave this page up while we continue to sort out password issues. There will always be a few databases that cannot utilize single sign-on and I will work hard to make those visible to you on the database page.

You can always reach me at kjohnson@ and I look forward to working with all of you this coming academic year.

New Library Purchases

You can see the new resources added to the library in September by going here to the library blog:

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THE CARDINAL SAYS: Don't forget to check with your Librarian when you are working on writing and research projects.