Arthropods and insect care

Grant Arnold

Curly Hair Tarantula

The curly hair tarantula also know as brachypelam albopilosum. This spider is brown with long golden hair. Males can live for 5 years and females can live for 25 years. The temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is 65. This spider is docile and ears crickets and mealworms. They get to 5 to 6 inches. Their are found on Costa Rica and Honduran.

Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater Tarantula

The Brizilian Salmon Pink Birdeater also know as Lasidora Parachybana. It is about 11 inches long. Their are found in Brazil and they need the temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity need to be about 70. The males live about 5 years and females live about 25 years. Their are semi-aggressive and they eat crickets, lizards and roaches.

Pinktoe Tarantula

The pink toe tarantula also know as Avicularia Avicularia. They look like a black spider with pink toes. They are found in South America and the males live for 5 years and the females live for 20 years. The need a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is around 78. They get about 5 inches long and they eat crickets, mealworms, etc.