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What is the difference between fibreglass and aluminium screens?

Security screens are an important issue for many people, and there are a range of options which can be used to construct the screens. The most common materials are fibreglass and aluminium. There are advantages to both of these, and disadvantages too. Being able to understand the difference can help homeowners to understand what they are looking for in a screen, and which option is best for their home.

Aluminium screens have become more popular in recent times, due to its strength and security. The aluminium is woven into a mesh used a complicated process which results in a durable, secure metal screen which can be cut to any size. The finish on most of these screens is black, as this is least noticeable when inside the property. However, bright or unpainted aluminium can also be used on some screens. The majority of the screens come in a set mesh size, which is 18 inches by 16 inches. There are some other alternatives which are more expensive but are designed to give a tighter weave, meaning that there is less 'gap' between the horizontal and vertical weaves. Aluminium can be cost-effective, and is a good way of securing a property, although it can also make the home seem rather prison-like. Only using the mesh on a few vulnerable windows could be a good compromise.

Fibreglass screens are another standard feature of the security screen. These are often coated in vinyl, and are chosen because they don't corrode or stain. The fibreglass is spun into a fine weave, and then a PVC coating is applied, creating a strong weave effect. The screen can be bought in a range of colours, including grey and aquamarine, but many homeowners find that the mesh is very visible. In addition, the screen, being made of vinyl and fibreglass, is not as strong or durable as the aluminium. This means that intruders can stretch, or even tear the aluminium, and it is possible to cut through fibreglass mesh and then break into the home in the usual manner.

When considering getting the best security for a property, aluminium screens and fibreglass screens are usually the favourite options. There are other forms of metal and even retractable window screens, but these are more expensive and may not work as effectively as the two main materials. Therefore, the choice may come down to why the homeowner needs this product, and the reason behind installing the screen. Both materials have positives, with fibreglass mesh being ideal for sun screening in rooms, and also for preventing insects from entering the home, while aluminium is the ideal when it comes to security and defending the property.

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