Stephen Chistman

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Mixed-handedness relative to better memory

Stephen Christman is a mixed-handed psychologist who claims that they have a better interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain. Which is linked to a better more accurate episodic memories.

Do mixed-handed adults, who have a bigger corpus callosum and more interaction between their brain hemispheres

In his research to find out if those who are mixed-handed have better memory of earlier childhood memories Stephen asked 103 college men and women, 37 mixed-handed 63 strong right-handers to write down an early memory. The average age of the memories the strong-handed recalled was 5.21 while those who were mixed-handed averaged 2.48


Neuropsychologist Joseph Hellige says that there is "reasonable circumstantial evidence" for each link in that logical chain--that mixed-handers have better interaction between their hemispheres, that better interaction is linked to better episodic memory, and that better episodic memory includes memories from early childhood.