Tiger Tracks Inside Edition

Travis High School Faculty Newsletter - December 9, 2019


Monday, December 9

"Tis the season" - Kick off finals with Holiday Socks!

Reviews Distributed to ALL Students - Every Class Period

Begin updating Student Conference Forms and logging parent contact for students in danger of failing T2 or S1 in your class. S1 Failures must also be communicated with Counselors.

Girls' Basketball @ Morton Ranch 4:00/5:30/7:00

Tuesday, December 10

"Tis the season" - Christmas Tree Day: Wear Green & Decorate Yourself!

English 1 EOC Retest - Testers (please send all students to their location)

Boys' Basketball vs Paetow @ THS: 4:00/5:30/7:00

FBISD Dive Meet: 4:00 PM

Band Winter Concert: 7:00 PM

Wednesday, December 11

"Tis the season" - College Wear & Holiday Headwear

Biology EOC Retest

Wellness Wednesday

Academic Excellence Awards: 6:30 pm

Thursday, December 12

"Tis the season" - Let it Snow! Wear your Thermals & Sweats

Thankful for Diversity in December

English II Retest

Boys' Basketball - Tournament

Orchestra Winter Concert: 6:30 PM

Friday, December 13

"Tis the season" - Candy Cane Day-Wear Red & White

Algebra 1 EOC Retest

Boys' Basketball - Tournament

Elf Movie Night @ THS: 5:00-8:00 PM


  • 504 Accommodation logs due in the counseling office
  • Sped Accommodation logs due in the E Hall sped office
  • Early release lunch forms or signature due to Ms. Baker (details below)

Saturday, December 14

Boys' Basketball - Tournament

JROTC Lock in & Tailgate: 1:00 pm

A message from Mrs. Laberge

Hey Tigers,

Only two weeks left until Winter Break! This can be a calm, smooth two weeks but it’s up to all of us to facilitate that.

· As you begin reviewing for semester exams, remember that our students’ attentions spans last about 15 minutes. Please do not hand them a review sheet and expect them to sit quietly and work for 50 minutes, 6 periods of the day. This is not a recipe for success. Create engaging reviews that allow for structured discussion and movement. This does not mean hand them a review sheet with the directions, “ask your neighbor if you need help”. That is not a structured discussion protocol and will equate to off-task discussion and very little completion of busy work.

· Please remember that study skills must be taught. Ms. Franco has shared some ways to use Cornell Notes or Focused Notes that force students to review and summarize material. Many students think re-reading their notes or review sheet is “studying”. This is an opportunity for you to teach them how to study. John Hattie talks about research showing the value of teaching study skills to improve deep learning (effect size is .59 which is just over a year’s worth of learning in one year). It matters.

· PRESENCE- Please be visible in the hallways between every class. Our presence is crucial to preventing incidents. Control the hallways, control the school.

· Remember to make parent contact NOW to let them know if their child is failing or even in danger of failing. Document it as you will need it for check out on Thursday, 12/19. Parents are more likely to support us when we communicate clearly and often with the obvious purpose of helping their child.


504 Accommodation logs due in the counseling office by 12/13

Sped Accommodation logs due in the E Hall sped office by 12/13

Lunch Forms due to Ms. Baker by 12/13

Please let any of us know if you need assistance. We are here to help



Teachers need to give students a handwritten pass or an email with permission to re-enter school for tutorials or meetings if it’s after 2:45 PM. They can also email Ms. K with the information so she knows to expect them. Students must be supervised at all times.


As you know, the time is approaching for early release days! On these days, we offer an option for students to order a sack lunch, which will be delivered to your classroom prior to dismissal.

Blank lunch forms, copies of the memo, and a signature page have been placed on the counter below the mailboxes in the copy/mail room for your use as applicable.

If you have a student or students in your 7th and/or 4th period class ordering a sack lunch for December 18 & 19, 2019, please pick up the needed blank lunch form in the mail room and complete the form, being sure to print each participating student’s full name as well his/her ID# in the spaces provided. Please place each students selection of sandwich in the Amount Sent column either Turkey (T), Cheese (C), or Ham (H) as well as his/her selection of milk in the Choice of Milk column with either Chocolate (C) or White (W).

Once you have completed the lunch form in its entirety, being sure to sign the bottom of the form in the space provided for “School Staff Faculty Signature” as well as write your room number in the upper left-hand corner of the form on the Lunch Period line, place the completed lunch form in my box (Tara Baker) or turn the completed lunch form in to my office (Suite 114) by 3:10PM on Friday, December 13, 2019.

NOTE: If you do not have any students ordering a bag lunch for December 18 and/or 19, 2019, please sign the sheet located in the mail room by Friday, December 13, 2019.

Can a student take an exam early?

This has been a common question this week from our students. District policy does not allow students to take semester exams early. We will have semester exam make up days by department in January when we return. Be sure students are aware that they will have a 0 recorded as their exam grade but that the grade change will be made once they make up the test.
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Building Use Form

You must fill out this form and submit to Mrs. Kilgore for approval prior to using any part of the building i.e. auditorium, commons, gym, etc. Students are coming in on their own to request to use the auditorium. They must be supervised.

ACTION NEEDED: Letter of Recommendations--see full list at the end of the newsletter.

Please remember, when you log on to:

· www.Naviance.com

· Click Sign in at the top and pick Schools & District Staff

· Sign in with CLEVER

· Type in WILLIAM B. TRAVIS (be sure to pick the FBISD one)

· Click Log in with LDAP

· Your username and password is your skyward credentials. Please make sure you open it in chrome!

If you have already taken care of these, yet your name is still on here, please let Mrs. Martinez know so she can help clear your name from this end.

Please remember: If your student is applying to any school with a CA in the computer screen next to it, you will need to fill out the Common App Teacher evaluation. The letter will not send without filling this out as well – it’s short and easy! (This year, I believe it actually prompts you which is an added bonus)

Grading Policy and Reporting Reminders! - PLEASE REVIEW!

  • Do NOT put a 0 in on any assignment that was not completed due to student absence - for any reason - until the student has had sufficient time and opportunity to complete the assignment and failed to do so.
  • Assignments in grade book must have specific name - i.e. Ch 12 vocab assignment vs Homework 2
  • Grades must be entered within 5 days of assignment due date.
  • Late Work is accepted - 1 day late is up to 15 points off; 2 days late is up to 30 points off
  • Parent contact and Student/Teacher Conference forms are required any time a student is unsuccessful and any time a student is in danger of failing a course - please document all contact
S1 Student Teacher Conference Form

This is required for any student who is in jeopardy of failing your class. This form shall be completed in a conference with the teacher and the student and then shared with the appropriate principal and student’s counselor.

Assignment Repair Program

If you are not taking advantage of this grade repair opportunity with your students, please do!

Staff vs Student Volleyball game. Great job teachers!!!

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PTO Holiday Cheer Tree

There are “ornaments” on the tree which have items listed for the PTO Shared Dreams sponsored family.

Those of you who are not familiar with Shared Dreams , this is part of FBISD and helps students K -12 with clothing, school supplies, footwear and in the holiday spirit sponsor a particular family in the school district who are going through some very hard times.

Please come and visit the tree and if you would be able to obtain one or more of the items on the “ornaments”, please place the item in the box at the Front office by Ms. Jamesson’s office.

The hallways/doors are looking AMAZING!!! Great job staffulty helping everyone get in the holiday spirit!

Hallway Theme

A- The Polar Express

B- The Grinch

C’s- Elf

D- A Christmas Carol

E’s- A Charlie Brown Christmas

F- Home Alone

G- Santa Paws

H- Fred Clause

I - Miracle on 34th Street

J’s- The Santa Clause

K- Jack Frost

L’s- The Nightmare Before Christmas

P’s- National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

N- Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Holiday Hayride volunteers

ProGrad is looking for some helpful volunteers this month for their biggest fundraiser which is the Holiday Hayrides.

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Teacher toolkit:

Request for Educational Support

Ms. Franco, our Professional Learning Lead, now has a form to fill out for any Educational support requests.

Shout out the counseling office for coordinating this awesome opportunity!

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Important Dates from the Counseling Office

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Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 3:00-4:00. $2 off orders!

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Teacher Resources

Having an issue with Technology?

Our campus IT is Joshua Martin and his office is in the library! Please remember to put in a Support Portal ticker (Formerly CRM ticket) instead of emailing him when you have a request. Thank you!

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Link for Student Schoology Access

How to Reset Your Network Password


December 18

Athletic Signing Day

December 16-19

Semester Exams

December 18-19

Early Release for Students

December 20 - January 5

Winter Break

January 6

Student Holiday/Professional Development Day

January 7

First Day of Second Semester

January 20

Holiday - MLK Day

Full list of Letter of Recommendations requested:

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