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Wednesday Edition - May 13, 2020

Dear Briones Families,

This week, we are spending a lot of time as a PAUSD staff thinking about different options for school reopening in the Fall. Our Superintendent has proposed three scenarios. The first is that we reopen with no restrictions which is doubtful based on everything he has learned from health officials. The second is the most likely situation which is reopening with physical distancing regulations requiring a blended approach of live and online learning. The third scenario is that we reopen virtually through all online instruction which is the least desirable option. Dr. Austin will continue to take direction from state and county officials but it is hard to know now what the parameters for reopening in the Fall will be.

Despite the uncertainty, we have begun to plan for all three scenarios. This week, teachers from across the District were invited to K/1, 2/3, and 4/5 open forums to discuss how these options would best serve our students. On Monday, May 18, Dr. Austin will be hosting a webinar at 5:30 PM for parents to contribute their thoughts and ideas about school reopening. You can log onto zoom to view the webinar and ask questions, or you can view it without participating on YouTube. Finally, principals and other managers are planning to work on smaller task forces to discuss the logistics of each model. There is a great deal of thought and planning across PAUSD as we prepare for Fall 2020.

While there is a lot to consider as we look ahead, I feel honored to work along side, you, our extraordinary staff and families! Each person, each heart, each mind together makes for an incredibly strong and resilient community! I am deeply grateful to our staff, PTA volunteers, PiE and CAC representatives, and Site Council for your heartfelt care and all that you are doing to support our community!

Be well,


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Your PiE Dollars at Work during School Closure

Thanks to your generous donations to PiE our students and teachers are being supported by our incredible classroom aides who are working with students during zoom meetings, and helping teachers with preparation of materials for lessons.

Our wonderful resident artist, Teacher Jen, has been busy preparing weekly art lessons for every grade level, as has our virtuoso, Ms. Melanie! Our traveling music and dance teams, also supported by PiE, are providing engaging weekly lessons as well.

We are so fortunate to have our programs enriched by this talented, caring group of dedicated staff! Thank you families and thank you PiE!

Here are some quotes:

PIE funds have been so important during COVID closure. Having art gives students a sense of normalcy in these stressful times. In fact, students need a place to express their thoughts in a deep way – art is that outlet. My classroom aide, Trang, has provided a vital support to my students. They need to hear our familiar voices. Thank you PIE for helping keep students feel “normal” in these abnormal times. ~Tom

Ms. Jen's art lessons each week have been so creative and aides have been offering daily one on one or small group support for kids during office zoom hours.

Jen continues to provide art lessons for students in y class. Many of the lessons she thoughtfully presents do not require too many materials. She makes them accessible to all students. I really appreciate her going the extra miles to prepare slides of the lessons for students to learn. Jen makes Art come alive for my students. Thank you PIE for making this possible during the remote learning phase.

Art is the best thing ever in kindergarten. It is their first introduction to having an outside "specialist" teacher. She introduces them not only to the masters but the social piece of having a guest speaker and using their manners to accomplish what she has shown them. They are introduced to the basics of art from an artist. Her instruction is invaluable.
~ Lanette

Trang has been a wonderful part of our class this year. She is kind, compassionate and connects well with all students. Without the generosity of PIE, I would not be able to get the help I need in my classroom. She comes to my optional ZOOM times and continues to work with students one on one. This helps me work with other students.
Thank you to PIE for making this possible. ~ Mangla

From a parent to an aide: (His child) will not understand how much you have touch her life until, she is much older. We would like to say thank you for all of your support and care packages.

A Tribute to our incredible PTA from the Briones Staff!

It truly takes a village to support every member of our learning community and our PTA volunteers have been heroic in their efforts to support students, families, and staff all year, and especially during school closure.

We salute you and are so thankful for the multitude of ways you continue to provide support!


Still here if you need us!

If you have a student in the Palo Alto Unified School District and are in need of emergency financial assistance, contact RISE at or 650.444.1236 to request a gift card to support your needs. These funds are made possible by generous donations to the Palo Alto Community Fund and the support of LifeMoves, RISE, and community members.

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