Mrs. Hartmann's Kindergarten

April 22-26

This Week in Reading Workshop

I am stuck!

Since we are getting ready to start assessing for the end of the year, I though now would be a good time to review some of our decoding skills.  We used our skills to read books about the Earth.  We learned a lot about recycling while sounding out words, using the pictures for clues, and skipping the word and reading back.  Please help your child use these skills at home so they become more automatic for them.  We have been practicing a lot andit is really showing in their reading!

This Week in Writing Workshop

What is that?

This week we focused on making our illustrations look representational.  What a big word for kindergarten!  We know that good illustrations make our books look nice, but they also give our reader clues about what we are writing.  We incorporated some language skills by making sure our sentences were complete with a noun and a verb.

This Week in Math Workshop

Break It and Make It!

We went from decomposing numbers, to making numbers, and now making ten.  We have watched videos and played games to help our math facts become more fluent.  The academic standard is for kindergarteners to know their math facts up to 5.  Along with with though is that they should easily be able to figure out how many more they need to get to ten.  Ask your child to show you how to play "Make Ten- Go Fish" at home!

Please come visit us!

It is getting close to the end of the year- don't lose out on an opportunity to spend more time with us!  We usually stop having parent volunteers at the end of April.  I will be extending the opportunity into the first couple weeks of May.  I will open up the times so hpefully you can get in.  If there is not a time or day that works for you just let me know and we can arrange something.  I hope we see you soon!

Parents, Punch, and Poetry

Thursday, May 16th, 9:30-10:15am

Brooks School Elementary, Room 5

Please join us for a sweet ending to our fabulous year!  Snack and great entertainment will be provided.  We would like to make sure each child has a guest, so if you need a stand in please let me know:)