Aalia Moon

Beautiful Over Talented Young Singer


Aalia Moon is a soul touching talented 11 year old singer with dreams of becoming big since she was 3 years old. she believes their is strength, hope, happiness, and dreams that come true in every one just you need to find it. Aalia started to sing at 3 years old with her little ukelele and fake microphone singing country, slow, indie, and electronic/ pop music, all though she is beautiful at singing she learned how to play the piano by herself along with writing songs with or without the piano. Aalia was born January 26 2002 in Hudson County, NJ and from then on she sang her heart out. even though she isn't famous she still believes in her fate.

Hit songs

Team Aalia Moon

Aalia dedicates all of her songs to her group that help her try to become seen:
Hailey Esteves, Haven Lyszic, Gabrelle Soliman, Kiara Neves, and Julia Pizzar