Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade

News and Notes


TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 20th - PICTURE DAY. If you processed your payment online, I believe there is a printed receipt that you may need to hand to the photographer, at least this was the case last year. We have a 9:00am picture time :)

Thursday & Friday, September 29th and 30th - Adventures in Education Field Trip (Ropes Course) - Please submit your permission slip and money at your earliest convenience. We will discuss what kids should pack and wear next week.


Friday, October 7th - Peace Valley Nature Center Field Trip

October 10th-14th is Celebrate Education Week - Specific date and time for our classroom activity will be announced

Monday, October 10th @ 12:30-1:00 Scholastic Book Fair

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This week in reading we will be concluding our review on how to track our inner conversations by practicing on a variety of articles. Students will have an opportunity to code various texts with their thinking, share their ideas with their peers, and engage in whole class conversations about the ideas they are creating as they merge their background information and feelings with the new information.

I am working to explain to students that if they take the time to connect to the information they read (through coding the text or tracking their thoughts) they will make their reading meaningful and in turn, understand the information at a higher level.

Ask your child:


  • What is your opinion about stars wearing Native American headdresses for fashion?
  • Why might twitter and YouTube be a powerful tool to the Native Americans?
  • Were there any ideas you wanted to share with the class but either didn't have a chance to or were too shy to volunteer?
  • Did you TRY to track your thinking and put your best effort forward?
  • How might you understand articles differently when track your thoughts compared to if you just read the article?
  • What article did you read today?
  • Who was the partner you worked with? Did you work well together?
  • Tell me something new you learned.
  • How did your team determine what information was important compared to information that was interesting?
  • What opinions do you realize you have on the topic of kids smoking?
  • What are two things you think you will always remember about the article?
  • Did you like the article you read?
  • Response to Reading - What article did you choose to write about?
  • What were some of details you included in your response?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the task of writing a response? Is there anything I can do to help you?
  • LRA testing - What is LRA testing?
  • How will the test help you as a reader?

Reading Homework

The boys and girls had the opportunity to choose the article they wanted to work with for homework this week. The choices were; Star Stephen Curry's 3-pointers: A swish come true for kids in Africa, 'Limb-itless' time for Lucky Fin kids, or More and more school adopting Native American cultural programs. The assignment for students is to track their inner conversations as they read the article. They are invited to write in the margins, underline new words, connect text to their own experiences and document their own ideas on the topic. The main goal is for students to practice listening to their inner conversation. Students will have practice working with this skill throughout the school year.



Students had an opportunity to review the spelling words and spelling assignments for this week. We are piloting a new spelling program for students, so things may look a little different than they have in years past. What I love already about the program is that everything your child will need to learn new words, practice working with words, and prepare for the tests is all in ONE book! We discussed the importance of keeping these spelling books in their accordion folders or binders so that they are always going home and coming back to school. Spelling assignments will be due on Thursdays.


This week in writing, students will have a chance to listen to a personal narrative by a local writer, Jerry Spinelli. Spinelli writes about a moment in his young life when he was proud of himself after winning a race. After students listen to this piece, they will generate ideas of times when they were proud of themselves. Perhaps this list will lead students to their topic for their first writing piece!

We will also review and explore the four types of sentences through a few interactive lessons.

We will end the week with students completing their first writing sample for me. This writing sample will not be graded as it will be used to help me gather information about the students as writers. I will read each sample and generate a list of skills and techniques that I can teach the boys and girls to help them become better writers. Next week students will have an opportunity to select a topic for their 'process piece' and dig deep into the writer's workshop with me!

Ask your child:


  • What proud moments did you record in your notebook?

  • What are the four types of sentences?
  • Give an example of each type.


  • What topic did you write about for your sample writing piece?
  • How do you feel about your writing?

Books by Jerry Spinelli

Social Studies

Students will have a chance to see their test grade on their Chapter 2 test during class this week. These tests will come home for your review on Thursday.

We are launching a class research project on Tuesday. Students will learn which North American region their team is from and will have an opportunity to research a tribe within that region. Each student will be assigned a component of their tribe (geography, hunting, clothing, culture, etc) and will be responsible for finding information on that topic. Students will be working together to create a poster that presents said information to their peers.

Ask your child:

What is your tribe's name?

What region are you from?

What topic are you responsible for researching?

Have you found any information yet?

Is your team working well together?

How are you helping your team?