By: Lexie Moriarity

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What are LDL and HDL

LDL is low density lipoprotein; it is an molecule that is a mixture of lipids and Protein. HDL is High Density lipoproteins which is cholesterol scavengers. which means that they look for cholesterol. "mayo clinic" "medicine.net"
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How do LDL and HDL differ structually and functionally

the FUnction of LDL is where it delivers cholesterol to different organs and tissues. HDL picks up excess cholesterol in your blood and takes it to the lever to be broken down. "Mayoclinic"
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What do the results of a cholesterol test mean? How do patients interpret each values?

It will show whether your cholesterol levels are healthy. It will show your cholesterol levels in milligrams per deciliter of blood. They interpret each value based upon scales for each molecule. "Mayo Clinic"

how does intake of unsaturated, saturated, and trans fat affect cholesterol levels and overall health

Unsaturated fats help reduce LDL and lowers risk of other diseases and stroke. Saturated raises level of cholesterol in blood. Trans fat will then raise your LDL. If you have unsaturated fats it will help you but if you have to much saturated or trans fat, you could be at risk. if you have to much of LDL or HDL you could be at risk of heart problems. "American heart association" "quizlet"


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