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February 7, 2020

Reflections from a busy week

For Lincoln these two days of sick day relief is about a week and a half too late from when we really could have used the time, but I'm sure there are other schools right now who are grateful for the time away to recover and clean. I hope all of our KCS comrades are working towards getting healthy and being back at work. Let's face it, our kids need us!

Leigh Anne and I were away this week to complete a Restorative Practice prerequisite training so we are able to register to become trainers for this second class. These trainings have us out of the building more than we like, but we are doing this with a goal in mind. This week I sent our intent to ASC that we would like to be part of the KAT program partnering with ETSU. We already have student teachers who are with the ISLICEE grant in our building but this partnership could bring in even more student teachers to support our building. You might you ask why we are seeking this partnership in our building. First, our kids do better with people. They don't need more books, they don't need more papers, they need people to connect with that will help them clarify ideas and be inspired to learn. Second, these student teachers can do morning and afternoon duties in addition to substituting. Our kids thrive on relationships. If they know the person who is in charge and have a relationship with them them then we are more likely to get the desired response (behaviorally and academically) out of them. Finally, WHY NOT LINCOLN??? We are a GREAT school with GREAT things happening in it! It would be an outstanding experience for any college student to have their student teaching experience at our school! So while Leigh Anne and I have been out a bit more than we typically would ever be, we are working to use our training, and our collective implementation of restorative practices to bring a new element to their student teaching experience that they can use in their future teaching carrier.

In regards to restorative work, I wish that I could take you all to these training with us. It is so wonderful to see people from all different school districts, rural, urban, charter, rich and poor all come together because we know that social justice is something that needs to be addressed in schools. This training we also had a professional mediator who handles divorce and work place mediation, some folks who work with the Juvenal Court systems in their areas, and system wide directors of students of schools. Many were very interested in the work we are doing here. The changes we have seen with not only RP but also our Zones work and our four expectations was very interesting to many of the other folks at the training. When Leigh Anne and I reflected with other members of the training about our journey as a school we realized just how for we have come. We forget that first year when we were building a plane while flying it, and when we had our first conflict resolution circles without a contracts that didn't go as well as we hoped. We remembered when kids didn't have the language to express themselves well and we had no common language as a thread that bound us all together. It has been a great journey and one that I'm so glad I got to be with you all on over the past two and a half years. I'm excited to continue down the path that we started to put Lincoln back as one of the premiere schools in Kingsport.

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Technology Updates

Please note that the older laptops (3340s) that are in classrooms currently will be leaving classrooms in the near future. This is not a plot to drive you crazy. This is district wide for two reasons. First many of them are not able to update to the Windows 10 operating system, and we are moving as a district to the chrome operating system.

Matt is transitioning out of the district for a new position at Milligan. We wish him well and are happy for this new opportunity for him. Hope will be taking over here at Lincoln as our new Technology Office person. We are excited to have here here with us.

Doing the Right Thing...Even When No One Is Looking

Things that we learn about ourselves when we didn't know someone was watching us:

A teacher was talking with the two ladies that have been doing dental work with our students. They mentioned how well mannered our students were, how all students were friendly and not scared, and that teachers were flexible and willing to allow students to go with them when needed. They also said all schools aren’t like that. The teacher told them we have really been working to change our school culture, and they said it’s a great environment and they’ve enjoyed being here.


Change in schedule due to Illness and now Sickness Days

We have not had much luck with our calendar as we've attempted to get things accomplished with illness and then now with these two days. We need to them to get better, but they are just causing havoc with our calendar. Here are my proposals for how we make up what we have missed over the past couple of weeks:

Faculty Meetings: We have not had a faculty meeting together since January 13 due to illness and now school being canceled. I will send out in emails any of the information that I had hoped to cover with you all at the faculty meeting that we aren't having this upcoming Monday Please read the information carefully as they are coming to you so you are "in the know". We will consolidate the January PLC vertical work with the February vertical work on February 24th. We will not schedule another meeting this month to do that. For PLC groups who are presenting, please keep your presentations engaging, but brief. No more than 30 minutes for each standard that you are presenting.

PLC work: Due to observations that we have on the schedule it will be too difficult to move ELA PLC work to another day this week. We would not be able to have an administrator or InDe available to cover most meetings. While this is not ideal, we will have ELA PLC meetings next week, in addition to the RTI meeting to make up for no PLC meetings this week. What was planed for this week please have ready for next Tuesday or Wednesday. We will have at minimum Shasta at the meeting if an administrator cannot attend, but we hope that one of us will be there. Thank you for your flexibility on this.

Dates you need to know

Monday and Tuesday
  • No SCHOOL--Be home and be well.

Wednesday, Jan 12th

  • Math PLC--grades 3-5--Grade Level Planning

Thursday, January 13th

  • Student Of The Month Assembly Gr. 3-5 --2:00-2:40 Auditorium

Friday, January 14th

  • Fall in Love with Literacy Event--Various Classrooms 1:30-2:30.
  • Spark 3:30-5:00--Gym

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsile, Trustworthy, and Safe

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