Poetry Project

Sarah White 9-7

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If I Were In Charge Of The World

If I were in charge of the world

I'd stare and stare,

then maybe stare some more,

then cry and cry and cry at the sight of how poorly we've done.

If I were in charge of the world

There'd be nothing I could do,

Because those big corporations, and

rich people don't play by the rules.

If I were in charge of the world

They still wouldn't give up power

They still wouldn't give up money

They still wouldn't give a chance to those whose chances have shattered

Or maybe I'm just bitter?

Maybe I'm just too scared

If I were in charge of the world

I'd try to help,

I think... I hope,

I'd refuse and demolish corruption,

And I hope my wish isn't a dream,

Because I am only human and through history it seems

That humans just want and want

To be in charge of the world

Crystal Tears

I once met a girl who could smile

Digging for jewels at her brother’s side

They’d joke and laugh all the while

And any and all tears had dried

I once met a girl who was smart

Her teachers would laugh saying skip a grade

Her parents show off their work of art

Her classmates long for the answers with tongues like a blade

I once met a girl who was invisible

Her brother turned away to spent less time with a freak

Their relationship she assumed would be indivisible

Was suddenly turning bleak

I once met a girl who felt invalid

No flowing, flowery words in her view

She laughed when her teacher said write an autobiographical ballad

She barely knew herself so what else could she do?

I once met a girl who had wilted

Not a friend she knew in sight

She was 20 stories up and tilted

She was ready for her first and final flight

I once met a girl who would stare in a crystal

That girl would see herself as she cried

And her fear would be holding a pistol

Cause she realized the girl who could smile had died

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Believing In Fairies

I remember when fairies used to dance me to sleep.
I remember when all my wishes seemed to come true.
A star would guide us to where we needed to be.
A love would find us and all we needed to do was wait.

I remember how I was greeted with a smile and a song by my fairies.
I remember how I’d join in and laugh.
My melody carrying my dreams to my star.
My melody charming my love.
My fairies promising me.
My fairies here and alive.

I remember when I told mama about my fairies.
I remember how warm her laugh was.
A cloudy day held at bay because she was around.
A song that was sung at that perfect pitch.
A fairy’s wings soft flutter as it lands to play with you.

I remember the way my fairies watched me as I made mistakes and achievements.
As they cheered me on as I climbed higher.
As they helped me up as I fell off.
As they patted me on the back whispering ‘good job’ or ‘you’ll get it next time’.
That was back when those words had a meaning.

I remember the day my fairies started to whisper to each other.
Their voices soft were snow,
But it wasn't the good kind.
It was the kind that was too dry to play with.
It was the kind that was so hard it was practically ice.

I remember when my fairies had to say good-bye.
That was day I saw the people who lost everything.
That was the day a new baby would be born into a world of nothing.
That was the day I am sure I woke up.

I remember the soft touch of their tears.
I remember the loud screams of mama.
I remember fear.
Not for me,
Not for the people or the baby,
Not even for mama .
But I was scared for the world.
I was scared of the world.

I remember believing in fairies.
I remember believing in humans too.
In the society,
In hopes, and wishes, and dreams.
I remember believing in fairies.

But I've grown up now.
And they say I’m done with believing in fairies.
And I listened because I’m scared to step out of line.
And I believe that society’s opinions of me matters.
And look at me now.

I guess that star forgot to guide itself to me.
I guess that love thinks I waited too long.
I guess we've stopped believing in fairies.
And I guess the fairies have stopped believing in us too.
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