Queens, New York

Reporter: August Pullman

Halloween Parade

Come down to Beecher Prep Middle School for their annual Halloween Parade! There will be all kinds of fun Halloween costumes. The parade is at 4:00 to 4:50. After that, more fun to come at the Halloween Party. You will be invited into the gym to have food, drinks, and fun! There will be many games. The party is at 4:55 to 9:15. Also, in between the party will be fireworks!The fireworks are from 6:15 to 6:30. So come down and enjoy some fun!!

Different Ways to Survive at School

Some different ways to survive at school are,

  • Having friends to help you
  • Ignore what people say about you
  • Forget what people say
  • Just care what you think of yourself because that's more important.

If your Lonely and Need to Start a Conversation

If your lonely and need to start a conversation just ask the person your talking to what they are interested in. Also, Make yourself seem interesting, and talk about more important things like sports, or school.

Important Sport News

This year the most important sport is Baseball. Some team that you can support are the New York Mets, New York Nets, and New York Yankees. Those baseball teams are all over New York.

Popular Music Now in Days

Rachel Platte with Fight Song this is because it shows that you can be yourself and people will fight for you and be there. But, there's always going to be a bully. Just get through it.

Lucas Graham with 7 years this is because it shows that life is tough and you need to get through it because it's not going to go away.

Zara Larsson & MNEK with Never Forget You this is because you never forget friends that stick up for you and make you feel normal and also your family.

The Chainsmokers Feat. Dava with Don't Let Me Down because August never lets anyone get him down. If he did, Via would help him cheer up. People are always going to be mean and thats life. Your going to have good and bad days.

Local Stores and Restaurant Ratings

Mall: Rate 5/5

Starbucks: Rate 3/5

Solo Bella: Rate 4/5

Fusha: Rate 5/5

Food Market: Rate 1/5

Resources for Newcomers

Police Number: 911

CVS: 585-846-6152

Hospital: 786-290-1462

School: 908-839-7933

Mall: 713- 285-7846

Ice Cream Parlor: 732-991-6282

About the Reporter

I have wrote a modern classic, exiting, and fun paper for the news that is sure to be amazing. I wrote this to show you that you can write anything if you want to. Just put you heart into it and this is the classic news of the week. This will be a great story in the news paper. I´m a fun, loving person. Even though I have a disorder that does not stop me from pursuing all my dreams and that is why I wrote this story. And yes I am only 12 but that does not mean anything. I've gone through more than any other person out there.