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Fabulous Harvest Festival

Oster's annual Harvest Festival was a great success, thanks to our special parent coordinator, Mr. Jared Headley. We had so many families attend and it was great to see our students and their siblings playing games, getting their faces painted, walking through a spooky haunted house, and eating delicious treats. Mr. Headley had some help, so a big thank you to: Chuck and Bridgette Abendroth, Virginia Goldwasser, Renee Gregory, Dana and Sam Roza, Beth Headley, Sarah McNish, and Jeff and Leah Wittman. The Oster staff is so grateful for such a supportive parent group!

Safety at Oster

We are very fortunate to have our parent and community support with the passing of our Bonds and Parcel Taxes. Oster is completely gated in and the gates are locked daily 10 minutes after school begins. We take the safety of your children seriously and it is a top priority. Therefore, we do monthly fire and earthquake drills and one yearly "Run, Hide, or Defend" drill.

The procedure for the fire drill is as follows:

  1. The fire alarm is set off.
  2. Teachers evacuate their students immediately and head over to their designated emergency location.
  3. Staff members who are part of our Incident Command Team begin their emergency protocols.
  4. Classroom teachers hold up a green card letting us know that all children are present, or a red card if a child is missing.
  5. Once everyone is accounted for, an announcement is made and everyone goes back to class.

The procedure for an earthquake drill is as follows:

  1. I announce over the intercom system, "Everyone, please drop, cover, and hold". I repeat it two more times.
  2. I wait 2 minutes and then I announce for everyone to evacuate.
  3. We then follow steps 2-5 as stated above.

The procedure for a Run, Hide, Defend drill (only done once a year) is as follows:

  1. I announce that we are going into lockdown mode and repeat it one more time.
  2. Teachers immediately set-up up a barricade for their classroom door, close all blinds, and shut off lights.
  3. They then move students to their designated classroom area where an interior barricade is made. Students and teachers must remain quiet.
  4. Volunteers walk the campus and check that doors are locked, lights are off, and blinds are closed.
  5. They then use a key to open the door and check the strength of the front door barricade, they listen for any sounds, and peek to see if they can see any students or teachers.
  6. Once all classrooms have been checked, I announce that the drill is over.
  7. After school, I give feedback to each teacher using a check off form.

We will be having our annual lockdown drill in mid November. Teachers will be practicing with their students, but you may want to have a conversation with your child at home and explain the importance of all of these drills.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our first trimester will be ending soon, so teachers will be holding conferences with all families beginning Monday, November 6th. These conferences are an important part of your child’s education. It is a time to receive information in regards to your child’s academic success, social skills, and how they are respecting classroom/school rules. It is also your chance to collaboratively work with his/her teacher to ensure a successful year for your child. We encourage you to bring any questions or concerns, so that they can be addressed sooner, rather than later. My staff is really good about accommodating work schedules, as long as you give them advance notice. Parent teacher conferences will run through Friday, November 17th. During this two week period, students in grades 1st - 5th will be dismissed at 1:15 every day. Attached is a link to a good article that gives parents tips for preparing for their conference: http://www.nea.org/home/60103.htm

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2017-2018 Student Council

Mr. Sinclair and Miss Yoshioka are leading our 2017-2018 Student Council. Elections were held last month, and I am so proud of all the students who ran and prepared such thoughtful speeches. The pool was narrowed down by four staff members, including me, and then all of our 4th and 5th grade students were able to vote. I am pleased to announce that Kate Wagner is our Treasurer, Blake Kim is our Secretary, Kelly Zhang is our Vice President, and Sahngwie Yim is our President. Congratulations to our excellent candidates!

After School Programs

We are very fortunate to have some wonderful, extended day programs at Oster. I wanted to briefly describe the different programs, and stress that our office staff does not have anymore details than what is posted on our website. There are three types of extended day programs:

Teacher Academic Support Sessions: These are usually run before or after school, and will be by teacher invitation only. They will not be posted on our website since the students are selected by the grade level team. These sessions focus on math, reading, writing, or homework support.

Clubs with fees: These clubs are from outside organizations that have received permission to hold their program on our campus. There is always a fee and all registration and communication is done directly with the private organization. Examples of these clubs are: Chess Club, Lego Engineering, and Valley Sports Camp.

Clubs that are free: These clubs are taught by an Oster staff member and are free. The selection process is by lottery and the staff member teaching the club will communicate directly with the parents. Examples of these clubs are: Art Club, Hip Hop Class, and Wonder League Robotics. The exception is our Choir, which is also free, but sponsored by our wonderful H&SC, so there is no charge. This is taught by an outside company and not a staff member.

Please visit our school website at http://oster.unionsd.org to view our after school clubs.

Flu Season

With the flu season upon us, Union School District is committed to ensure our students stay healthy and stay in school. The best prevention for the flu is: Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, avoid close contact with sick people, practice good health habits, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. You can help in our efforts to stop the spread of the flu by following our district policy for students with an illness. It is important to remember that students may not be at school if they have the following symptoms: Fever of 100 degrees or higher, diarrhea, severe nausea or vomiting, severe sore throat, or cold symptoms accompanied by green or yellow nasal drainage. Students may return to school when they are symptom and fever free without fever reducing medication for 24 hours. We appreciate your support.

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Do you recognize any of these clothes?

If your child is missing a sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt, please drop by the lost and found located in front of the cafeteria. We have an overabundance of outerwear that needs to be claimed. You are welcome to drop by anytime during the school day. Parents do a much better job of identifying clothing than our students. After November 17th, they will be donated to charities.