Cesar Chavez

fight to make a difference

what he did

Cesar Chavez grew up on a farm working hard practically a slave. He and other Mexicans had it tough .In the hot weather they could only have dirty water . They wernt allowed to use any bank or store .After many years when Cesar was 32 he was done and tired of it.
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No more grapes!

The Mexican people bought grapes from the white people to eat and make wine ,but since whit people were being mean and torturing them they didnt buy any grapes from them and soon white people were low on money and full of supply .

walk all day and night till .......

Cesar and other mexicans walked for a very long time so did martin other king so the white people stopped making money because mexicens did there work . Federal and his wife new the risk but got thrown in jail many times . When fewer and his wife got out they still walked except Fewer stopped eating he went awhile without eating till he died in his sleep. White people finaally had the heart to stop . Years after it all started again .

we can do it

si se puede
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Cesar Chavez