HS Robotics Mentoring Program

TPSF Summer Academy 2016

Week 4 Review

We have just completed our final week of the TPSF Summer Academy. It has been truly a pleasure to work with every one of the HS Mentors. I look forward to watching each of them grow and build capacity with robotics as they spend time in Tustin Unified. I would like to invite each of the HS Mentors to continue working with the middle teams throughout the season if interested. I will also be in need of elementary referees and field set up throughout the season.

Students, make sure to check your emails throughout the year. I will be contacting you as volunteer opportunities arise!

Thanks for being so incredibly awesome at what you do!!

Cari Williams

TUSD Robotics Lead

First Scrimmage

Below is the first attempt at playing the game VEX Starstruck by Team Hewes (red) and Team Pioneer (blue).
First Scrimmage

Elementary Mentors

On Tuesday, the mentors provided a tournament experience for the elementary students. Each team played two teamwork matches and one individual match. The mentors practiced refereeing, announcing, and scorekeeping skills. They will be a great asset during the elementary competition season!

Troubleshooting Pneumatics

We have learned many lessons about pneumatics this summer. The main lesson is that the air pistons just don't provide as much power as we would like and that a really good bike pump is essential. However, they did come up with some useful ways to integrate pneumatics into the Starstruck robots this season. Below are the links to each presentation created by the three troubleshooting teams. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Big image

Blaise and Connor on the Foothill Troubleshooting Team

Big image

William and Angelica on the Tustin HS Troubleshooting Team

Big image

Tim and Alan on the Beckman Troubleshooting Team

An Intro to Programming

Elementary robotics students were introduced to programming for the first time in week 4. The HS mentors taught students the basics of programming using the software Robot C through Robot Virtual Worlds. Students had fun playing the VEX IQ competition game of the season on a laptop. They were also introduced to a graphical type of programming language based on Python with drag and drop code that links together in blocks. This helps teach new programmers the logic and structure of programing.

Thanks again for a great summer!

See you all in the Fall.

Cari Williams