RCPS Innovation Update

Communicating with parents and the community


Our goal is to keep our parents and community members up-to-date about the innovative practices and changes that are taking place in Rockingham County Public Schools. We also want to provide an input form on which our stakeholders can ask questions or make comments. Please save this link as it will be updated regularly.
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RCPS Input Form

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Please use this form to share comments, suggestions or questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document about Shortened Day Pilot in the TAHS District

March 3, 2020 Letter from Dr. Scheikl to Parents of Students in the TAHS Attendance Area

Link to "Plans for Change" Page

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The Plans for Change page was used from November 2019 until February 2020 to share information with parents and the community about the redistricting proposal and the possible changes to the school day, which became the shortened day proposal for the TA attendance area that was approved at the February 24, 2020, School Board meeting. Presentations and an FAQ document that was used for those 4 months are included.