Wairau Valley School

Newsletter Week 9 Term 2 2021

From The Acting Principal

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa

Greetings to you all

Term 2 has flown by - we have packed in a lot over the last 9 weeks. Our students are happy and engaged, showing a huge amount of resilience, stepping up, and shining as learners. Highlights of the term are: the completion of the junior playground, the trip to Marfells Beach, the starting of school lunches, our new school sign, Fern the Karearea visit, contact with the wider school community, parent garden working bee and coming together to watch our students take on new challenges with pride and enthusiasm. It has been an absolute pleasure being Acting Principal this term and I would like to thank our teaching staff, staff and parents for all of your support and positive approach to this term's changes. I know Karen is looking forward to coming back to school in term 3 and I am looking forward to getting back into the classroom full time.

We sadly farewell Briar Meek next week, but are pleased to welcome Gemma Allen as our new senior classroom Principal Release Teacher.

The senior rooms met Fern The New Zealand Karearea last week and I would like to share the feedback from Lizzie and Diana. “Your students are fantastic, polite and the respect they showed throughout the visit was something to definitely be proud of.”

We have nearly finished our first term of School Lunches. Students are getting used to having something different each day, and giving these new foods a go. Our Tamariki sit down together, share stories, and have a newfound energy. It is so fantastic to see. The most significant impact I have noticed as a teacher, is in the classroom. The afternoon engagement has increased so much, the students are not as lethargic, and are engaged and happy. A number of other schools have reported the same outcome which is just fantastic. The company is making a few changes to the menu and food for next term, following feedback from schools and the community.

This year Pets Day is set for Friday October 29th. Lambs born from August 1st can be entered. Calves are back this year with some explicit rules, we will get these out as soon as this has been finalised. Our school is hosting Group Day on November 2nd.


Lisa McDonald

Our New School Vision and Strategic Goals

Karen, the Board, and teaching staff have developed a new school Vision and Strategic Goals to reflect Wairau Valley School Community aspirations. This work began in early 2020. Underpinning this work will be a revised local curriculum. The local curriculum being the ‘What' and 'How’ for what we do across the entire curriculum years 0-8.

It is a pleasure to share these updated Values and Guiding Principles with you all.

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Wairau Room has worked very hard this term with our Science topic on Rocky shore, we have finished the topic by creating the Rocky shore mural in our classroom. We are now starting to work on Matariki until the end of the term.
Do come and see our display in the classroom of all the work that the children have done!


Fern the Karearea Visit

Karearea By Chalice Room

I can fly 200 km an hour.

There are not many left of me.

I’m super fast like the speed of light.

I’m brown, yellow , gold and orange.

I only live in New Zealand.

I can eat other birds.

You need to protect me. I'm endangered.

By Kyan

Hi, I’m a Karearea, I’m endemic to New Zealand.

Can you help us through education?

Because of predators we are endangered.

I can fly faster than a car.

I can see 8 times further than a human.

Most of us are in cages and people are trying to help us.

We are rarer than most species of kiwi .

Ask your teacher to follow our journey into the wild, ok!

I think we are done here!

By Charlotte and Valentina

The Karearea swoops through the air at 350 miles an hour.

No one can replace me.

No one can outrun me.

The Karearea is endemic to New Zealand.

And sadly also endangered.

By Hugo

They are endemic to New Zealand.

You can help us through education.

Because we are special to your country.

We can fly faster than your car.

I think I can see 8 times further than you .

You can help by asking your teacher to learn about us.

If I haven’t said this already well I’m going to tell you a secret …...


By Hanakura



It is with a heavy heart but lots of fond memories that I farewell Wairau Valley School at the end of this term. To be honest I initially thought my time at Wairau Valley would be short, but I quickly realised what a special place Wairau Valley School is and found it very hard to leave! I have had a lot of laughs (and some tears) over the past few years, and have loved getting to know our families and local community.

I wish to thank the B.O.T for giving me many opportunities to grow as a teacher and contribute to the growth of our kura. You always put the welfare of the children and staff first, and they are lucky to have you watching over them.

As for my colleagues; thank you for working with me, listening to my two-cents worth (I know I talk a lot), encouraging me, laughing with me, learning from me, and letting me learn from you. You are a close-knit team and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.

Finally to the students in Fishtail Room, you mean more to me than you will realise and I can see so much potential in all of you. It has been a privilege to be your teacher and I have loved being a part of your lives for this short time. I wish you all the very best for wherever your futures might take you and hope that you might look me up one day to tell me about all your crazy adventures and achievements.

Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei - Seek the treasure you value most dearly and if you bow, let it be to a lofty mountain.

Briar Meek


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It was great to see some new members at last week's PTA Meeting - we are very happy to have your support. There are now 10 parent members of the PTA , so we are in a good position to achieve some good fundraising for the school.

Currently, we have a Firewood Raffle Fundraiser which is about to finish next week. We hope you have been able to sell some Raffle tickets? Please return all tickets and money by Tuesday next week, so that we can draw the winner. Thank you again to the Beattie family for donating the Firewood.

The PTA will be providing food for a Motor Cross event held on Sunday 25th July. This event is a great opportunity for PTA to do some fundraising. If you are able to help in any way with this, please let us know.

We will be starting a Cheese Roll Fundraiser shortly, with Order Forms going out to families next week. These will be sold at $10 per dozen, so keep this is mind for selling over the holidays.

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Important Dates Term 2

First bell 8:50 a.m.

Finish time 2:45 p.m.

Last Day of Term 2 - 9th July

First Day of Term 3 - 26th July


Please remember to call or message the school office if your child is sick

(telling the bus driver is not an appropriate method of informing the school).

Please inform the school if you are removing your child from class early.


July enrolments now open

We have decided to run a winter camp this year for ages 10 - 14 yrs and enrolments are now open for this camp. Check out the dates and then complete the online enrolment form to book your place. Enrolments close one week prior to each camp or when full.

Winter Camp (Ages 10 yrs to 14 yrs)

19th - 23rd July 2021

Tony & Jane Ross

Camp Managers

Phone: 03 573 6595

Email: office@curiouscove.org