Keep Calm and Love Austin !!

Welcome Back SuperHEROES of Austin Elementary


We are so excited to be starting another school year at Austin and to welcoming our newest staff members. Although I know many of you have already been working hard in your classroom and catching up with friends, we "officially" start our school year this Monday, August 19th at 8:00 !! Cooper and I will have a light breakfast for you in the lounge, and then you are free to work in your room until 10:00. At that time, please join us in the Library as we start our week together of fun events, professional learning, and getting ready to welcome our learners to the new school year!


Most all of you should have an Edmodo account, but in case you do not, please use the link below to help you establish an Edmodo account.

Once you have this established, please search for "Austin Transformation 2013-14" ...then use this code to join our group: gq6cim

You will need to have this account established and to have joined this group by Friday, Aug. 23 as we begin our professional learning with The Learning Framework.

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....and if you do not already have a Twitter account, you will also need to have one established by Friday, Aug. 23. Please use the below link to help guide you in setting up your very own Twitter account.

Kotter's Change Model

On Friday (Aug. 23) morning, we will begin our journey of professional learning for this new school year. Prior to Friday, you will need to become familiar with Kotter's Change Model. The below link will take you to a 'slideshare' presentation regarding this change model.

Splish - Splash.....Introducing SPLASH SCREENS in CISD

You are going to love what the content directors have done for you as it relates to designing lessons....they have created SPLASH SCREENS (located in Forethought). Below is a link to a video that Chantel (AP @ Cottonwood Creek) created....she has shared with all the campuses -- this is a great introduction to Splash Screens complete with step-by-step directions on how to access. This will be a reference tool for you. One thing for you to consider though, we will use the PBL templates vs. the UbD templates -- if you remember, we have discussed that the PBL design compliments/supports SEM.

Intro to Splashscreens in Forethought
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