Electing leaders

BY:Elle Schenck 2nd peroid

What makes a good candidate

Politic candidates must not only be dededicated and have passion for helping others.They must also be able to to always keep a positive attitude.The best candidates have a great deal of heart and commitment.It is also important to go and spend as much time with voters.That is what makes a good candidate.
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What they need to be

If you want to be a representative you have to be at least 25 years old , be a citizen of the U.S.A for at least 7 years and be a resident of the state from which he or she is elected.If you want to be a senator you must be at least be at least 30 years,be a U.S.A citzen for at least 9 years and be a resident of the state from which you are elected.If you want to be president the rules are even more stick because you must be 35 years old,be a citzen of U.S.A and a resident for at least 14 years.That is just a few rules.
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Campaign team

Someone who wants to run for office must have a campaign team.Here are some jobs.The campaign manger assigns responsibilities to various campaign workers and sets the final scheldules.He also makes important desions. Another job is a consultant.A consultant may be experts in different ways.They may be good at helth or immigration.It all really depends.
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U.S. Presidential Elections 1789-2012


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