tig welding


there are meny great schools in wisconsion to go to for welding nwtc and fox vally tech

at nwtc there are coarces such as math, blueprint reading, welding, metal fab,

weld pictures


SEEK Careers/Staffing, Inc. 2nd and 3rd shift full time pay is 15-20 an hour

welding supervisor in Milwaukee WI

job requirements

must be able to

communicate to people

have some experience with welding

be able to lift 40 pounds

why it appeals to me

  • to become a tig welder you only need 2 years of schooling
  • you are doing something different every day
  • you can travel if you want


you may be in a shop, out side on a job site

you also will be working by yourself and with other people

the risks for this job are that you could get shocked or burnt

get the job

to get this job you need to know how to weld and know how to read blueprints