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Resources for the Week of May 9, 2017

How to create a flowchart on a Padlet

How to create a flowchart on Padlet

Real Teachers. Real Stories, Simply Inspiring

"We want to start a positive dialogue about our profession across all stakeholders. Thak a look at these inspiring videos about real teachers." Dean Debbie Mercer, College of Education.

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Kansas Commissioner of Education Dr. Randy Watson announced the launch of the new website,, and its corresponding yearlong social media campaign, Be a Force for Good.

The concept was developed after discussions about teacher recruitment and retention in KSDE’s Professional Standards Board meetings.

Watson, education officials, College of Education deans, teachers and administrators across Kansas will promote the profession by sharing their stories and passion.

The website contains detailed information for college-age students and career changers about the current pathways to licensure in Kansas. The corresponding social media campaign features a two-minute, superhero-themed video with a young girl wearing a cape who extols reasons for becoming a teacher. Current teachers and administrators will be featured throughout the campaign.

Debbie Mercer, KSDE Professional Standards Board chair and dean of the Kansas State University’s College of Education, said teacher preparation programs face many of the same issues so it became apparent that collaboration was the most powerful approach.

“Educators understand the power of unity and inclusion, and it says a great deal about the type of leaders we have in Kansas that they would come together to advance the profession,” Mercer said. “Whether a university is public or private, big or small, at the end of the day, educators stand together in our commitment of preparing highly qualified teachers for classrooms in the 21st Century.”

Watson hopes the campaign goes beyond educators and future teachers and also attracts the attention of parents, school board members and business leaders.

“Teaching is one of the greatest professions in the world – I truly believe that,” Watson said. “Our hope is that people outside of the profession begin to see it the way we see it, and it sows the seeds for the next generation of teachers along with a greater understanding and appreciation for what teachers do for our schools and communities.”

To follow the campaign, please follow KSDE on Facebook and on Twitter @ksdehq. The hashtag for this campaign is #Force4GoodKS.

Check out the video stories

Citation - How to Add References Correctly

Cite It In is another tool to help you format research citations. Cite It In provides templates for APA, MLA, and Chicago style. Go to Cite It In , pick a style, fill in the information requested in the template, click "generate citation" and a citation is created for you to copy and paste into your document.


Can’t Spell? Ask Siri to Spell a Word on iPhone, iPad, Mac

You can ask Siri to spell the word for you! That’s right, Siri on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad if you can’t think of where to begin and when autocorrect is off.

Summon Siri however you normally do, whether that’s using Hey Siri handsfree, earbuds, or holding the Home button on the iPhone or iPad, the Siri Mac keystroke, or trigger the menu bar for Siri on the Mac, then you can say anything like the following:

  • Spell (word)
  • Hey Siri, spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Spell the word bureaucracy

This trick works exactly the same on iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS, as long as you have Siri you can use this.

Thanks to OSXDaily for this tip