Jasmine V. Hassan

Houston Academy for International Studies

High School Career and Accomplishments

My name is Jasmine Hassan and I attend Houston Academy for International Studies. I transferred from DeBakey High School my sophomore year and I am now on the route to obtaining my associates degree in arts at HCC. I hopefully will accomplish a career in Neurology. My positions at HAIS include president of National Honor Society, member of Student Council, member of One Goal college readiness 3 year program and an active member of Houston Independent School Districts' Student Congress. Groups I have participated in include International club and Health Club. The summer of my sophomore year I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at 2 hospitals, M.D. Anderson and Methodist. I have attained global skills and qualities from putting myself out of my comfort zone and being flexible in different work settings. I was able to balance classes and volunteering hours during the summer and dedicate myself to both evenly.


HISD Student Congress Accomplishments

The Advocacy Committee helped create a website where there is a public outreach between the students of HISD and the board members. There is also a monthly newsletter that depicts what the Congress is doing next.
One Last Time - Biology Edition

AP Biology Final Project

For our final project, our professor sparked our creativity and made us create a review in the form of a song/rap.
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