Hamiltion tiger-cats

By Cassie Megwa

Team information

the hamilton tiger cats is a candanian fotball team that was form in Ontario.

The region of the team's region is central canada the longitudenand latitude of the city is 45.2500'n,79.8667'w ,and mostly egnlish is spoken.

The city has 40% of canadas population'the largest province in canada and has the most collges in canada.

The main city has a lot of canadaians with mixed features, the tallest tower in canada,thebiggest and largest white pine tree.

Team mascot

The team mascots are a tiger and a bob cat.

The team does not have a nickname.


The mascouts is a simble of the two teams that were merged the hamiltion bobcats and the hamiltion tigers that is also the reason why the loaction is where it is.

The team was established in 1950 and founed by bob young.


The name of the main arena is Ivor Wynne Stadium, named after the founder of that stadium Ivor Wynne