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Is Your Business Where You Want It?

You are receiving this message, because you have not setup a coaching call with your up line leader, me. I am here to help you in anyway that I can when you need it , but a coaching call is one on one time where we can focus on what you can do to move your business forward. Take the time to today to contact me so that we can find a time that works for both of us. I do many calls on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings, but I do have other times if that would work better for you.

DO YOU NEED A DIRECT SALES BUSINESS COACH? Guess what, you have one! Me!

Excuses and more excuses. That is all I hear from my customers. No one wants to have a party, people don’t even look at my table at a craft show. I can’t find any new customers. The economy is bad.

Do you hear this over and over and over again from your team or are you saying this to your upline. It doesn’t trickle down, it climbs up.

Foundations run deep in direct sales and I am committed to help you with your foundation. When a foundation breaks down, it works upwards and that is where a Direct Sales Business Coach can help you and your team build solid foundations that start with your frontline.

I promise you, the language of today has changed, it is not like your old direct sales business or the same words that your mom used selling her products. It is different. The approach, the attitude, the economy is different and follow up is different. No more party lines, the 100 lb phone is really a 105 lb phone. But the traditional teaching and games are the same.

What can you learn that will be different? There is a new generation of leaders and kit nappers, but there is also a new generation of customers too. I am committed to teaching the new generation with a simple and logical approach.

  • You can learn the new way to approach people at craft shows and vendor shows
  • How customers will want to open your emails
  • How your team will want to sell and compete with their own goals
  • Determine how your team will respond to you and your calls
  • and more!

There is no magic formula or secret to connecting with your customers. The vision to adapt begins now.