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Timely November Tips

Time is ticking...

As of today, 33 students in the class of 2016 have applied to college. College is not for everyone but the majority of graduates will go on for some type of further education. If you don't think you can handle four more year of school, have you considered shorter term certificate or associates programs.

Upcoming deadlines

Several colleges have November 30th or December 1st regular admission deadlines. Still others have early decision or early action deadlines for those same dates. Two examples of this are Penn State (November 30th) and Rutgers (December 1st). Penn State uses it's own electronic application system and it takes several days from the date you submit your online application to the date that it appears in the counselor system allowing transcript upload.

Please note that the counseling office will be closed November 26th (early dismissal on November 25th) through November 30th for the holiday break. Therefore, if you are applying to any colleges with a November 30th or December 1st deadline, requests must be made in Naviance no later than November 18th to be received on time. This includes requests for transcripts and recommendations (counselor or teacher). Penn State does not require teacher recommendations for most programs.