Hold a Coffee Morning Fundraiser

Or if you prefer, a Wine and Nibbles Evening!

and help the ILEAP Charity to continue its great work.

ILEAP's Market Ability is going from strength to strength and we now have some fantastic products to sell and to showcase.

We are looking for Fundraising Partners who could hold a social fundraising event in their home, for their Family and Friends, where we take orders for the fantastic products we have made at our day time MarketAbility sessions.

Once you have got a date in mind, get in touch and our Marketeers will pencil you in the diary and provide you with a sample box.

Marketability and Me! Lets Fundraise Together

By working together, and being creative and innovative we will be able to raise funds whilst having fun.

Your Guests will not feel like they are being asked to donate as they will be purchasing our lovely items at affordable rates, whilst having a fun time at your fundraising party.

Why we need your help

The next few years are make or break for the ILEAP Charity as we look for new ways to bring in funds and try to sustain our work whilst remaining true to our aims.

Marketability is our attempt and sustaining our work, so that we can continue ILEAP whilst offering worthwhile and purposeful experiences for our wonderful Members.

How the Fundraising will work

Once you have confirmed the date with us, we will liaise with you and provide samples of our Marketability products.

Your guests will be able to purchase items on the night and will be able to order personalised items that we will make especially for them.

If you would like them to, then our ILEAP Marketeers may be able to visit your event and explain all about the session, and all about ILEAP and will be able to showcase how we make things and give your guests a demonstration.

Everyones a Winner!

1. You get to meet up with Friends and Family and have a lovely social catch up.

2. You can purchase bespoke items made with care by our budding Marketeers.

3. We build the confidence and raise the self esteem of our Members.

4. We raise funds, so that Marketability can develop and the ILEAP Charity can continue its great work.

5. We all have Fun whilst making a difference

Get in touch for more info

Please pay us a visit at The Kenilworth Centre to see our great products in our new Shop.

Please call or email for further info and advice.

Thank you in anticipation for your support.