By Paul Stevens

The Qualities of a Tragic Hero

1.The tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness.

2.The tragic hero may be great, but he/she is not perfect.

3.The hero's downfall is partially his/her fault.

4.The hero's misfortune is not wholly deserved.

5.The hero's fall is not pure loss.

6.Though it is sad, the tragedy does not leave its audience in a state of depression.

Why Is He a Tragic Character?

Prometheus shows many traits of a tragic character. Prometheus is a character of noble stature, his downfall is his own fault and is not a complete loss, the consequences he received were too harsh and not wholly deserved and his downfall was not pure loss. These traits are easily shown in his story in Greek mythology and are easy to pick up on.

Prometheus' Character

Prometheus is a character of noble stature and embodies nobility and virtue. Even though he was not allowed to, he gave humans fire. he did this because he had befriended the humans and wished for them to survive, so he stole the sacred fire and gave it to the humans.Prometheus also tricked Zeus into accepting the worst parts of an animal sacrifice while the humans retain the best parts of the animal. He risked his own punishment so that the humans could thrive. This shows how noble Prometheus was and how willing he was to help others, especially mortals who needed the help of a Titan. In Fact, it was Prometheus who created mortals, molding them from clay and bringing them to life. He saw the mortals as his children and he wanted to help them.
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Prometheus' Downfall

Prometheus' downfall was his own demise. He willingly stole the fire from the Olympians and gave it to the mortals, and he willingly tricked Zeus. Even though this was an act that was made out of the good of his heart, it was still against the law. After Zeus found out, he sentenced Prometheus to tormented by eagles eating his insides. He could not die due to his immortality as a Titan, so he is forced face this torment for all eternity. This fits the other category, where his punishment is too cruel compared to the crime he committed.However, After years of torture, Hercules eventually comes to Prometheus' rescue and saves him from his anguish.
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Prometheus' Legacy

Even though his downfall is tragic and his punishment is not completely deserved, his downfall is not pure loss. Because he carried out his plan, humans were able to thrive. Humans could now survive in their harsh environment and this new step in the right direction gave them hope. This practically opened up a new era for the mortals, and it was all thanks to Prometheus.
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Quote by Prometheus

"In the beginning, though they had eyes and ears they could make nothing of what they saw and heard; like dream-figures they lived a life of utter random confusion all their days." This was Prometheus talking about the early stages of the humans he made, where they were nothing but confused creatures, as if they were like newborn babies.
Prometheus | History in Minutes #5