Adaption PBL

Mallory M.

Adaption PBL

What adaptations would you have if you were an animal? To see in the in the dark or to run fast? They're all adaptations.

The consumer I made is a rawnex. A rawnex is a carnivore and it has spikes down its back and tail to stay safe from pretedors. The claws on its feet help it hold its food. This animals head is so big it has three huge sharp teeth to chew up its food.

The producer I made was a friliut. It can grow as tall as ten feet! The berries come in all colors like red,orange,purple,pink and blue. The roots can go to a lake 20 miles away. The frills are purple and they are soft.

Would you like a cute animal you shoud'ent touch its fur? A good sceen would be someone eating berries. Would you like an animal with sharp claws? Would'ent you love a plant that is ten feet tall?

Adaption PBL reflection questions

1.the lakes and forests.

2.lots of rain.

3.tall to get sunlight. Berries add color. Long roots to reach water.

4.spikes to move things.teeth to chew things claws to hold things.

5.they would go good in the movie on Raina.

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