Peek at the Week: September 19-23

4th Grade Mrs. Lanz

Highlights from 4th Grade

Our first full week of school was great! Take a look at some of our highlights:

-Teacher read alouds focused on our 4 C's. Now we notice them in our own reading.

-We explored our community with our naturalist and saw new plants and cool animals

-We focused on commitment and did our best on the MAP Reading and Math Tests

-Practiced multiplication strategies and problem solving in teams in Math

-Practiced safety during Fire Drills

What's Coming Up in 4th Grade

Here's what we will be covering in class this next week:
Math: Unit 1 Multiplicative Thinking
Reading: What It Takes to Be a Leader and a Friend, Comprehension Strategies
S.S.: Midwest Region: States and Capitals Quiz Tues. 9/27

Important Dates to Remember

Teacher Planning Day- Mrs. Lanz out of the room September 21st
Book order due Friday 9/23rd
Picture Day- September 27th
CoGat testing- Tuesday 9/27-9/29
Field Trip to Fort Snelling- September 30th

Spelling List 9/19-9/23

Spelling Words #1

Capitalizing Proper Nouns

Test Friday

  1. Birchview Elementary

  2. Mrs. Carlson

  3. Mrs. Lanz

  4. Mr. Ruekert

  5. Mrs. Schulz

  6. Mr. Sykes

  7. bobcat

  8. Wayzata

  9. Minnesota

  10. Plymouth

  11. Trojan Pride

  12. community

  13. compassion

  14. commitment

  15. curiosity
Spelling City

Use this link to help review the spelling words for the week


Binders should come home nightly with the homework written down. This always includes reading 20 minutes! Students brought home their Home Connections book this week. Students do not have math homework each night, so please do not work ahead. Please remember to check your student's binder nightly and contact me if students regularly forget to write down homework.

Binders are not typically sent home on the weekend. Most Fridays, I will send home folders with any important information from the week for parents. Students will be bringing home their first Friday Folder today!

Links will be provided to support homework and studying at home throughout the year.


Use the flashcards to review the states, capitals and abbreviations throughout the year

Math Resources

Our new math curriculum, Bridges in Mathematics, is already in full swing! During Number Corner, students have explored patterns on number lines and on our calendar and begun problem solving. In our math lessons, students are diving deeper into basic multiplication strategies and establishing expectations for sharing our mathematical thinking.

If you are interested in learning more about our new math curriculum. Here are some helpful links:

Family Orientation Letter

Support for Families

District Information for Bridges in Mathematics

September Birthdays

Rounak -11th

Aryan- 13th

Ananya- 14th

Matthew - 21st

Kenzie- 30th

Our Schedule

8:30 Announcements

8:40 Number Corner-part of the Bridges Math

9:00 W.I.N. (Small Groups Reading/Math/Genius Hour/Maker Space)

10:00 Math

11:00 Read Aloud/Binders

11:22 Recess/Lunch

12:05-12:55 Day 2-5 Reading/Writing Library Day 2: 12:05

Day 1: 12:05-12:25 and 1:35-2:05

1:00-2:00 Specialists:

Day 1: 12:30-1:30 Technology

Day 2: Music/P.E.

Day 3: Spanish

Day 4: Music/P.E.

Day 5: Art

2:05-2:50 Unit: Water, Magnets and Electricity, Matter and Energy, Rocks and Minerals, Health, Social Studies, Keyboarding