Nomination Letter

Thomas Roberts

I would like to nominate a very courageous young man. One who has demonstrated highly recognizable behaviour, helping in drastically dangerous and close to death situations. This person is being nominated for bravery. He is no longer considered a boy, because he has proven he is now a man. He shows great pride for his family, friends, and country; a country that without his help might not have been the same.

I would like to present this award to Thomas Roberts. Staying along our well known hero Fitzgibbon’s side through life changing events, he is now an idol to many of us. Just to do what he loves, Tom avoids at any time giving up. During the battle with the Americans he got to chose by either joining The Green Tigers force or staying in safety at the DeCew’s farm. But he knew that Fitzgibbon could use his help and he put aside all the fear he had. Tom’s family and James’s crew all knew what a brave boy he was, even being one who had barely been anywhere but on a farm where he was raised. Everyone is very proud of him and his amazingly courageous actions of a 14-year-old.

Many children his age would be frightened to even attempt anything like this. His soldiered father is definitely a part of him. Thomas idolizes his dad and everything he says. Like when he spoke, “I had never once in my whole life struck a man…first.” Now with every word Tommy listens and inherits the importance of being like him. When Fitzgibbon was shot by an American, Tom remembered those words and knew that because they took the first shot, he would take the last.

Fear took over Tom’s head some days, but determination washed it away. At the beginning of the entire story when he and Fitzgibbon first met, he was nervous beyond belief when he knew he had to leave his farm. But, he also knew it was his dream to adventure and he was determined to take the chance. I have never met anyone in my life so focused on what they love.

Thomas went through danger and risked his own life to save others, but made sure to take precautions along the way. Fitzgibbon once said, “You saved me from an act of foolishness, Thomas. I never would have entered the store if I had realized there was more then one soldier here. I saw one horse tied to the hitching post and assumed there would only be one rider inside. I almost paid for that mistake with my freedom.” Therefore, without Toms help Fitzgibbons life could have been taken that day, or any other day they fought against the Americans. We are all very lucky to have a boy like Mr. Roberts with us today and James was extremely lucky to have him working by his side.

Without a doubt Tom deserves the ‘Heroic Act of Bravery’ award today. His actions and things he was meant to be responsible with made him a very special boy, no matter what he decides to pursue in the future. And I believe we all agree as well. Thank-you for helping our town, country, and lives become less filled with worry. You are a greatly appreciated person worthy of this award. Congratulations, Thomas Roberts!