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A Trip To The Grocery Store

Picture this. It's Sunday night and you're at the grocery store. You're buying food for the week. You'll probably stock your cart with an assortment of fruits and veggies, a loaf of bread, your favorite brand of cereal, a gallon of milk, coffee, steaks, and maybe some chips as a treat. You pay for your food, pack everything up, and make your way home, arms loaded with goodies from the market. Everything seems great, but is it really?

Think back to that grocery store and the hundreds if not thousands of products lining the shelves, floor to ceiling. Where do you think those things came from? Who do you think made them, processed them, packed them up, and shipped them off? Your response will most likely be that it came from some factory and that'll be the end of your knowledge and/or interest on the matter. Most likely you don't know that the workers who are slaving away in factories 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, are living in poverty, are underpaid, and often times are illegal immigrants looking for work anywhere they can get it.

These patterns are especially prevalent in the meat-processing business where animals and workers alike are treated inhumanely by the big CEOs of the industry who are only interested in making things cheap, quick, and easy. Because of this, many workers are put in dangerous and life threatening situations, which often results in sickness, infection, injury, loss of body parts , and sometimes death. Not to mention they're also extremely underpaid, but because they have no other options, due to their being illegal immigrants, they can't leave their jobs, no matter how much they might want to or need to.

These are the people that keep the grocery store shelves stocked. The people who help put the food on our tables and simultaneously put their lives and well being at risk every day. You probably didn't know any of the information that i just shared with you, and you probably don't care, but the truth is you should. You should care simply because these people are doing you a huge service; they're providing you with one of the basic necessities of life. They deserve our concern and our empathy, and they deserve to be treated like decent human beings. It's the 21st century people, we need to make a change.

A Message To A Generation

18th of August, 1920

Dearest Children of the New Age,

Do you know how lucky you are? How lucky you are to never have to know a world where someone may not vote for the laws and people that govern them simply because of the gender they were born into? Simply because of something that they cannot change, they will be denied a right that they should have as a citizen of the country they call home. Does this mean that we are not citizens then? Does this mean that we are not legal inhabitants of this glorious country, and that we do not work to our wit's end in order to strive and make this country as dazzling as its promises?

We, the women of America, believed that this was immoral and completely wrong. We believed that we have just as much of a right to representation as our male counterparts, and so we did something; We broke the silence that has hung over women's rights for decades and we have opened the door for many other Americans to walk through so that they may also fight for equality and demand that the promise of their god-given and constitutional rights be upheld.

So, yes, you are a lucky generation. Lucky because you are a generation of change and a generation of possibility. You have the world at your fingertips and it is up to you to reach out, grab it, shape it, and make it beautiful.

Sincerest Regards,

Alice Paul

A Nauseating Job, But It Must Be Done

Depicted in this image is the US president at the time, Theodore Roosevelt, playing the part of a muckraker, a person who uncovers scandals and publishes them in order to bring attention to important social issues. A clue to this is the rake he is holding has the word "investigation" written across it which was the most important aspect of a muckraker, to investigate.

Also in the picture is a pile of putrid, rotting meat scraps that has the words "meat scandal" spelled out amid the rubbish. Theodore Roosevelt appears to be searching and poking through the garbage as if he is investigating the meat scandal, regardless of how smelly and disgusting it is because he must uncover the truth in order to make America a healthier and happier place and to solve one of the biggest social issues of the progressive era.

Chinese Vigilantes Start Bloody Rebellion

A group of anti-foreigner Chinese citizens known as the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists proves that names are just names as they go against their name's promise of harmony and righteousness by starting a violent rebellion. Members of the group or 'boxers' as they have been known to be called due to their gruesome and violent behavior,have been wreaking havoc on unknowing innocents all over China. According to first-hand reports, these so-called vigilantes seek to rid their nation of important trade relations, or any relations at all, with outside countries. They believe that this would make their country pure, but it would, in fact, send China spiraling back into a pit of isolation and stunted progress.

The boxers' main focus is the destruction of all Western influence, so in order to achieve that they have slaughtered thousands of Chinese citizens practicing Christianity and foreigners who dared to make a living for themselves in the country. They have also destroyed much of the foreign property that was scattered across the country and taken over the capital city of Beijing. European troops from countries with direct connections to China have been sent in to help control and extinguish the fighting and hopefully put an end to this pointless bloodshed.

For how much longer will these "vigilante" tyrants be at large and for how much longer will Chinese citizens and foreigners have to live in fear of these murderous felons? Can they be stopped? Only time will tell.

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Liberty Loans For Trusty Troops!

War rages in faraway Europe, but here at home we're also dealing with a crisis, a money crisis. The bills are piling up big time in the white house as this storm of war shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. There's no way the United States can pay there dues, that is, unless they have the help of you, yes you. How, you say, could I possibly be able to help? Well, the answer is simple, liberty bonds! Liberty bonds are a great way to get involved with the war effort from your very own home. They cost very little and after it's all over you get your money paid back to you in full. What exactly is a liberty bond though, you may ask. That's simple! A liberty bond is like a loan you get from the bank. You take the money and use it to try and make a profit, and eventually you pay the bank back. It works exactly the same way here. You give the government a small loan of money, the government uses it to aid the troops overseas, and after the war ends and the US is paid back all of its reparations, you get your money back, every shiny penny of it. It's that easy. Its that simple. Maybe you'll be the food in a soldier's belly or the ammunition in his gun. He puts his life on the line for you, so do your part and buy a liberty bond today!


A Call To Arms

From the retreat of one country from the war comes the entry of another. Due to the chaos and messy complications ravaging Russia at the moment, they have opted to step out of the war in order to resolve their issues at home. Meanwhile, in America, the military and government are gathering their weapons and rounding up troops in preparation for the many battles ahead of them.

For a long time it looked as if the U.S. would stand strong in their policy of isolation and neutrality when it came to issues in Europe, and foreign countries in general, but the constant negative attention they've been getting from Germany lately has drastically changed their minds. Taking the side of the Allies (Great Britain, France, and formerly Russia), America will be going head-to-head with Germany, the strongest of the Central Powered countries.

This rivalry between the two nations (USA and Germany) started with the sinking of the Lusitania, a British passenger ship that was carrying many American passengers. Then it was the sending of the Zimmerman Note which was an attempt to convince Mexico to turn against the United States, and the numerous attacks carried out by secret German agents in America, including one where an explosive went off and nearly destroyed a New York port. It was only a matter of time before the United States stepped in to put the Germans in their place.

In the coming months, look forward to American troops being shipped off to various European countries. They will first go through some very basic training in their home country, America, and then, led by General Pershing, they will continue advanced training overseas before setting foot on the battlefield. With all of that training, surely the war will be over soon and the world can get back on a peaceful track.

"The Great Gatsby": The 1920s in a Nutshell

F. Scott Fitzgerald; One of the greatest writers in American history as thought by many if not all who have read his books. One after another, his novels have been utterly magnificent, well written, and a pleasure to read. "This Side of Paradise" (1920), "The Beautiful and Damned" (1922), and now "The Great Gatsby" (1925). By far his finest piece, "The Great Gatsby" is.

Following the story of a young millionaire named Jay Gatsby as he pines after a former love, Daisy Buchanan, it takes you on a ride of emotions. From the highs of the rich party life, to the lows of Gatsby's desperation in his unrequited love for Daisy. It impressively shows the duality of life in the 1920s. While you could be very well off and live lavishly, you could also get easily caught up in a lot of crime and, if you happened to get tripped up somewhere along the way, quite easily left behind, forgotten about, and stuck living the rest of your life alone and miserable.

The book was disliked in its time and F. Scott Fitzgerald died much like the fictitious character he created, Jay Gatsby, forgotten and no longer raved about by book critics. He assumed that his time had passed and that, towards the end of his life, people thought of him as a failure, but not a decade after he died in 1940 the book he thought to be completely terrible became the book to showcase a generation. It became part of the general curriculum for schools across the nation, many people began to consider it as a top contender for the title of the "Great American Novel", and won plenty of awards in literature. The book deserves every single ounce of praise that it gets as it truly does do the name of the era, "The Roaring 20s", justice as every second of it is dramatic, big, emotional, and full of excitement.

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Witty, Wise Words

New York City, NY - The wise, and often witty, poems and other works of Dorothy Parker captivated the country for most of the 1920s, and even on into the 30s. She was a main founder of the Algonquin Round Table, a group of writers who met at the Algonquin Hotel and shared many conversations as well as collaborated on various pieces, and was a major supporter of the civil rights movement and, more specifically, the NAACP. Some of her pieces include "Enough Rope" (1926), "Sunset Gun" (1928), "Death and Taxes" (1931), "After Such Pleasures" (1933), "Not So Deep As A Well" (1936), and "Here Lies" (1939). She has also been the inspiration for many characters, movies, and plays that were primarily written by her fellow Round Tablers.

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