Army in Sparta

  • boys were taken from their families at age 7 to go to the barracks to toughen up to later go in to the war.
  • men stayed in the war until they were 30 years old, they were still in the army but they were allowed to come home to there families. But you had to be ready to get called to the war at any time. They cloud join the assembly too.
  • Men over the age of 60 were retired from the army, and they cloud join the council of elders.
  • Sparta was so focus on their army that they fell behind in literature/art.
  • They would rather die in battle than surrender to their foe.


  • The Greek people were polytheists and hat meant that they believed in many gods.
  • They used myths to explain gods or the explain natural events like if it was raining or if there was an earthquake that was poseidon etc.
  • their gods were zeus, hades, poseidon etc.


  • Ancient government was an oligarchy (a government in which power is held by a few people.
  • Men over the age of 60 cloud join the council which very few people cloud be in. There were only a few people in the council because it was so rare for men to live that long because of all the time they spent in the army.
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