FREE CLASS that will help you in your Program of Study !

Feeling uneasy about statistics? What if there was a way to access free help to learn course materials without fear of failing? What if you could take a statistics course at your own pace, skip the information you already know, and support your knowledge before taking a required statistics course? Well, now there is help!

A research study focusing on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is starting August 5, 2013 and will last for six weeks. The focus of the study is to judge the value of taking a MOOC from the student perspective. We need your help!

All PhD and EdD students in the School of Education are required to take EDUC 665 – Intermediate Statistics. By taking part in an Introduction to Statistics MOOC, students can experience the information learned in EDUC 665 in a low stakes environment where they may move more easily through the content knowledge, become more comfortable with the statistical concepts, and ultimately make the best of their statistics understanding within their Program of Study which is crucial for the dissertation experience.

Students who are new to statistics; students who have had statistics in the past, but need review; or even students who feel comfortable with their statistics knowledge, but who want a refresher before starting dissertation are all highly encouraged to participate.

For more information, please contact Julie Marsh at no later than July 29, 2013 to take part in this research study.