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What is going on in the Principal's Office?

My Challenge to You

Take a couple of minutes are read the above article from George Lucas. When I read this article this paragraph stood out to me the most:

"When you really think back about your best teachers, they were the ones who connected with you. They might have been classroom teachers, after-school coaches, parents, or principals. They patted you on the back, knew your name, and made jokes with you. They were human beings offering encouragement and building confidence, saying things like, "I know you can do this. Come on.""

Relationships are at the heart of everything that we do in CSISD and especially at AMCMS. Our students are more than test scores to us. Our students are the future and our responsibility is to connect with them so they feel supported, encouraged, respected, and able to take risks in order to continue their growth.

We will be taking another step in our journey as a school tomorrow. Adam Saenz will be speaking with us about the power that each of you hold within you. He will be sharing the power of a teacher. He is going to share many things with us and I am very excited to learn along side each of you.

We all have the power to make a difference. The difference we make is up to each of us.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



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Check out this app called "Sock Puppets" it

allows you and/or your students to quickly and easily create your own puppet shows.

Here is a link with step by step instructions.

See the example below.

Amelia Bedelia Book Review


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Week at a Glance

  • Monday 10/12/15

    • No School.

    • All staff except for front office and counselor staff meet at AMCHS.

    • Breakfast starting between 7:30 and 7:45.

    • Be ready to begin by 8:15

    • Lunch on your own 11:30 - 1:00

    • Be ready to start in AMCMS Lecture Hall 1:00

  • Tuesday 10/13/15

    • Tutorials Before & After School

    • AMCMS PTO Meeting 12:15 AMCMS Lecture Hall. All parents welcome

    • Robotics Work Time After School

    • 7th Football White Team @ AMCMS 5pm

    • 7th Football Maroon Team @ AMCMS 6:30pm

    • 8th Football White Team @ SFA 5pm

    • 8th Football Maroon Team @ SFA 6:30pm

  • Wednesday 10/14/15

    • Tutorials Before & After School

    • 8th Football Silver Team @ Huntsville 6pm

  • Thursday 10/15/15

    • Tutorials Before & After School

    • Volleyball @ AMCMS 5pm -- Wear Jeans with Volleyball Shirt

    • Choir Concert 8pm

  • Friday 10/16/15

    • AVID Field Trip to Texas Transportation Institute

    • CatSlam Fundraiser & Basketball Game

    • Robotics Work Time

  • Saturday 10/17/15

    • Robotics Practice Day @Post Oak Mall

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A&M Consolidated Middle School

AMCMS is a 7th & 8th grade campus in College Station ISD, College Station, TX, USA