Louisiana Purchase

was it a good idea?

What was the Louisiana Purchase?

In 1803 the president at the time Thomas Jefferson bought about 828,000 square miles worth of land for about 3 cents per acre. This totaled to about $15 million. When he bought this land he also bought a lot of farmland and doubled the size of the U.S. He then sent Lewis and Clark on a journey to see what he had just bought. This was also a very important purchase because he then controlled the New Orleans port along with about 15 other states.

What would be different today if the Americans didn't buy this land?

When the Americans bought this land, they also bought many acers of farmland. If we didn't buy this land, we wouldn't have as much farmland. This would make food very expensive and not as fresh. It would also make this area very crowded and people may not be happy.

Was it fair for the Americans to buy this land while the indians lived on it?

There are two possible sides to this. One side (indians) is that it was not fair. They lived their there whole life and the Americans had no right to kick them out. Another side (American citizens) is that it was fair because the paid a lot of money for it. I believe that it was not fair that they did this because the indians did live there first, and the American citizens just kicked them out.